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Friday, January 16, 2009

Call For Entries - SNAG 40th Anniversary Apron

Call for Entries: There will be a limited edition shop apron created to help celebrate  SNAG's 40th Anniversary. The aprons will go on sale at the 40th annual conference, in  Philadelphia on May 20, 2009. The 40th Anniversary Committee is holding a contest to find the artwork to grace this limited edition apron. The contest is open to any student (full or part time) in any metals program in North America. (This means you or your students!) There are many prizes: a $50 gift certificate for the winner, and a $25 gift certificate for the runner-up, generously donated by Allcraft Tools. The winning design and designer will be featured in an announcement in Metalsmith Magazine . Not to mention bragging rights, and a free apron, courtesy of the anniversary committee. If you want to see your artwork on everybody else’'s apron, now'’s your chance. Final designs due via email March 16, 2009. Email address:snag@alberic. net

Call for Gallery Images: Mixed Metal Jewelry

Lark Books Call for Gallery Images  Mixed Metal Jewelry 
by Mary Hettmansperger Entry deadline: March 16, 2009

Author Mary Hettmansperger' s newest book, Mixed Metal Jewelry, will be
interspersed with beautiful gallery images, and we hope you'll submit images of your jewelry for consideration!  We're looking for pieces that mix metals—silver, gold, copper, iron, bronze, aluminum, etc.—in interesting and creative ways. Combinations of all forms of metal, such as sheet, wire, clay, and recycled materials, are welcome, as are all techniques. Your work will serve as an example and as inspiration for readers.  Mixed Metal Jewelry is due for release in April 2010. Submission to the book is free.  For guidelines and entry forms: http://www.larkbook s/artist- submissions

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Antique Jewelry University

Introducing AJU – Antique Jewelry University

AJU is an on-line organization made up of scholars, educators, jewelry professionals and interested individuals from all over the world who share a passion for antique, estate and vintage jewels. Our goal is to make available to the public, and professionals alike, an ever expanding repository of information, useful and arcane, related to the subject of period jewelry.

In addition to generating a vast Wiki style encyclopedia of historical data, definitions, in depth articles and the like, AJU will also host two online forums: one for the general public to have their questions answered by experts, and a second one restricted to qualified members only for the exchange of information, ideas and industry gossip.

The site will also include book summaries and reviews (with direct links to the purchasing site of the author’s choice), a photo gallery/archive, an extensive bibliography to assist in scholarly research, and a calendar of jewelry related events – shows, exhibitions, lectures, conferences, etc.

AJU is being fully sponsored by, in response to an overwhelming amount of general queries we receive on our commercial website. It is literally impossible for us to answer each and every antique and estate jewelry related question: “Can you tell me how old my great-grandmother’s brooch is?”, “Where can I learn more about Arts & Crafts Jewelry?” etc. It came as a surprise to us that, despite the abundance of quality jewelry literature available, so little credible information can be found on the web, and certainly not in one place. Hence, AJU.

Join our faculty

If you share our passion and enthusiasm for vintage jewels and jewelry, we cordially invite you to become a charter member of our AJU ‘faculty’. Whether your interests are broad or specific, decorative or technical, historical or present-day, we are looking for contributing writers, bloggers, and advisors to join us in this new endeavor.

In addition to writing articles and blogs and participating in the forums, faculty members will be given editing privileges to AJU’s Wiki portion of the site to correct, update, add or suggest changes to certain articles. Contributors will have a choice between publishing an article ‘as written’ or to submit it for peer review by means of the Wiki program. Writers will also have the opportunity to share and publicize other complimentary information (books, publications, websites, organizations, etc.) appropriate to our mission.

Initially, AJU charter membership will be limited to professionals, credentialed individuals and published writers. However, submissions from newcomers, hobbyists and anyone unknown to us will be graciously received and reviewed case by case.

We hope to see you 'on campus'!

How To Get Your Product On A Shopping Network

This info comes from CNNMoney's Small Business Ask & Answer:

Mona Kahn, Salt Lake City asked: I am a jewelry designer and I want to present my merchandise to a larger audience. How do I get my products on ShopNBC, QVC or similar outlets?

By Christina Crapanzano, contributing writer answers: The application process is quick and painless. Both ShopNBC and QVC have applications available online for downloading, and both sites offer guidelines for product submissions. You’ll need to send in digital photos of your product and answer questions about your manufacturing process and price point. The networks are looking for vendors who already have a product - they aren’t interested in ideas, sketches or prototypes.

We asked the shows’ vendor scouts to tell us a bit more about how they pick new products to feature.

QVC has more than 10,000 applicants each year, and also recruits vendors from trade shows or craft fairs. From that, only about 500 new vendors are introduced on-air each year.

“Don’t be redundant,” says Marilyn Montross, QVC’s director of vendor relations. “The first thing we look at is the product. For jewelry, we’re asking, ‘is this something new and innovative versus products we’re already selling?’”

The same philosophy holds true at ShopNBC. “The product is the star of the show,” says Anthony Giombetti of ShopNBC’s media relations department.

Watch the networks you are applying to and get to know their current products and vendors. That will also give you an idea of their target audience and your potential customers. For ShopNBC, the typical viewer is over the age of 45 and is affluent, with an average household income of more than $70,000. QVC says its customers are predominantly women, though its demographic changes hour-to-hour depending on programming.

Knowing your audience’s tastes is only the first part of the battle. The next step for applicants is demonstrating a capability to produce in mass quantities.

“They have to have their ducks in order,” says ShopNBC Chief Merchant Kris Kulesza. “If you can only make five to 10 units of something, that could close the door.” ShopNBC, which broadcasts to more than 70 million homes, might ask vendors to have as many as 5,000 units available.

However, QVC’s Montross warns against jumping the gun - never manufacture large quantities of your product on spec before getting approval from the network. They want to see that you are capable of manufacturing mass quantities, not that you’ve already done it.
The volume demand usually rules out hand-crafted items.

“In order to do both the volume and quality, [vendors] need to be working with a pretty sophisticated manufacturing factory,” Montross says. In rare cases, networks might put vendors in touch with manufacturing companies, but they will not pay manufacturing costs.

“[Merchants] have to be willing to make an investment,” Kulesza says. “Not everything will take off or sell out from the get-go. You may have to make an investment up front.”

Something else the networks seek: A personality and a story to go along with the product. If you become a vendor, you will likely present your product yourself. You should be prepared with all the elements that go into making compelling TV, such as a good storyline with twists and turns. You’ll want to have themes and variations in your product line that you can discuss.

Finally, don’t be shy. Be able to talk enthusiastically about your product, both to the vendor scouts and also, potentially, on air.

Persistence is key: Kulesza says that if you submit an application and get no word back, “Don’t be afraid to make the call directly to us.”

Application To Become A Vendor:

HSN - Become an HSN Partner:*BN*Vendor

QVC - How To Become a QVC Vendor:

ShopNBC - Become a ShopNBC Vendor:

I think the bottom line is, do you have a "business plan"or at least a "marketing plan" ? most of the questions that you will be asked and expected to know the answers to will be covered in a written plan.

There are several places to get the basic business/marketing plan - you just go in and answer the questions.

This should get you started:

Business Plans -

Marketing Plans -

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bench Magazine is Going GREEN!

Bench Magazine is Going GREEN!

Bench Magazine has always been printed on Recycled Paper. However, even recycled paper consumes enormous amounts of electricity and water in its production. Plus it uses up valuable landfills just like ordinary paper. In addition, large amounts of diesel and gasoline fuels are wasted shipping the magazine across the country and around the world.

Let’s face it. Printing a Paper Magazine is Expensive and Wasteful!

In order to Conserve the Environment and help Save the Planet Bench Magazine is Going Green!

Beginning with the Winter 2009 issue we will no longer print a paper edition of the magazine.

From now on Bench Magazine will only be available from as an easy to use digital file. Each issue will be available in PDF file format. There will be both a High Resolution Version, which is suitable to read on High Definition computer screens and to print out any articles you wish, and a Low Resolution Version for faster downloads suitable to read on screen and to use on many portable readers.

You can go to today and sign-up to receive e-mail notices for each new issue.

Bench Magazine is free of charge to all bench jewelers worldwide thanks to the generous support of the advertisers.

Bench Magazine - Complete Set - ALL 30 Issues!

Last Chance to Order the Complete Set of Bench Magazine.

The Magazine Written BY Bench Jewelers For Bench Jewelers.

Issues contain articles on Custom Jewelry Making, Stone Setting, Laser Welding, CAD, Jewelry Repairs, Bench Tips, and More. They show you step by step how to improve the quality of your work and make your life at the bench easier.

We have a very limited supply of several issues. These complete sets will not last long and when they are gone - THEY ARE GONE!

While They Last! Back Issues of the Printed version of Bench Magazine from the past 7 1/2 years!

Complete Set - ALL 30 Issues! To Order go to:

For orders in the US $60
For orders to Canada $75
For all other countries $90
All prices include shipping.

P.S. Be sure to go to and fill out the NEW Subscription Form to receive the new Digital Format of Bench Magazine.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Ganoksin Orchid Winter Raffle is officially here!

Ganoksin Orchid Winter Raffle is officially here!

Total prize package is $ 18,467.95

Win the tools and equipment you really want!
The Orchid 2009 Raffle is officially here!
2009 Orchid Raffle Prizes are outstanding!
Yippee! - Total prize package is $18,467.95

This year the prize list is incredible! Some wonderful Sponsors have contacted us directly because of YOUR participation in the Orchid Forum. You can win the tools and equipment you really need! There's more.....Education, business opportunities, vacation spots and beautiful jewelry! The list is extensive. There is something for everyone.

The Grand Prize winners will be drawn on March 30, 2009.

Your chances of winning are dramatic!
There are 5 jam-packed Grand Prizes.

Our comprehensive list of suppliers are those who believe in Orchid and the power of jewelry information exchange. Please support these generous Sponsors by visiting their websites often!

This is your chance to win some amazing prizes.
Total prize value is $18,467.95
Incredible Prizes and 6 winners!

Tickets are only $35!

Support Orchid! Buy a ticket! Increase your chances! Buy more than one!
Remember: Only 1,000 Tickets issued and they sell fast!
Purchase a ticket today. It's easy!


The Prizes


Grand Prize: $7,000

Otto Frei - Gift certificate - $5,000~

The Ganoksin Project - Advertising pack - $2,000


2nd Prize: $6,217.95

Hill Management Consulting - Business consultation - $1,500~

G-TEC Natural Gas Systems - TB-15 Torch Booster - $1,100~

RaceCar Jewelry - Molds production and consultation - $500~

Charles Lewton-Brain - One of a kind jewelry piece - $400~

JewelerProfit - Geller's Price Book Ver. 5.0 - $399~

Foredom - K.TX300 Jewelers Kit - $359~

Reactive Metals - Gift Certificate - $300~

Fretz Design Tools - Set of precisionsmith hammers - $300~

Swanstrom USA - Swanstrom pliers set - $300~

Brain Press - Unique compilation of CLB writings - $300~

Jay Whaley Studio - 1 to 3 days workshop - $300.00~

Bejeweled Software - JewelryDesignerManager Deluxe - $259.95~

Brynmorgen Press - Gift Certificate - $200


3rd Prize: $1,750

Durston Rolling Mills - D2 130 double rolling mill - $1,750


4th Prize: $1,500

Chris Ploof Studios - One of a kind jewelry piece - $1,500


5th Prize: $1,000

Rio Grande - Gift certificate - $1,000


Bonus Prize: $1,000~

Beth Wicker - One week on the Beach.... - $1,000

This is your chance to win these amazing prizes. Purchase a ticket today. It's easy! Simply point your browser to

Thank you for your support! For a better Orchid,


Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday - Lazy Link Love....

Photo Credit: tanzanite_10ct_03 Super Gem from babarara on

Lazy Link Love...

Feeling a little lazy on this warm Sunday afternoon - so I thought I would show a little Link Love to some of my favorite resources...

Some great info about and examples of Colored Stones:


The Opal Society


Jewelry Television :
The Vault
The Learning Library


Eni Oken & Friends' Jewelry Lessons

Hans Meevis


Rio Tinto

Kimberly Process

OKAY - have fun exploring these great sites and I'll see ya next time - going out to enjoy the sun!


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