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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Do You Know About the Lab Grown Diamond Option? Pure Grown Diamond's Record Breaking 3ct Diamond

Pure Grown Diamonds Sets New Record for Grown Diamond
Three Carat White Stone is World’s Largest

Today with a growing awareness of the damage to the earth caused by mining, more women are opting for something other than diamond...all the while longing for the fire and scintillation of a diamond.  

If that is you we would like to introduce you to the latest generation of lab grown diamonds! Optically, Chemically and Physically identical to a Natural Diamond but grown in the lab!

Pure Grown Diamonds – the world’s largest distributor of gem-quality grown diamonds has announced a new milestone in the creation of a 3.00 ct., K color, SI1 clarity, round brilliant-cut grown diamond.

 “We are ecstatic to once again celebrate technology and innovation in grown diamonds” said Lisa Bissell, new President and CEO, adding, “It is very gratifying to break our own records and reach the three carat milestone”.

Previous records set by the company include a 1.29-carat E color, VVS2 emerald-cut diamond, followed by a 1.78-carat G color, SI1 clarity princess-cut stone announced in November of 2013.

Since April of 2013, Pure Grown Diamonds (formerly Gemesis Inc.) has made steady advancements in the field of grown diamonds, in size, color, and clarity. In the nearly 60 years since the first diamonds were grown, the technology used to create diamonds has seen significant and positive growth. Pure Grown Diamonds is proud to share this newest achievement with their customers and the gemstone industry.

About Pure Grown Diamonds Inc.:  Pure Grown Diamonds Inc. is a privately held company based in New York, NY. Founded as Gemesis Inc. in 2013, Pure Grown Diamonds is the principal distributor of Type llA gem-quality grown diamonds and grown diamond jewelry in colorless to fancy colors.


EMOTICON via Wikipedia - An emoticon (/ɨˈmtɨkɒn/) is a metacommunicative pictorial representation of a facial expression which in the absence of body languageand prosody serves to draw a receiver's attention to the tenor or temper of a sender's nominal verbal communication, changing and improving its interpretation. It expresses—usually by means of punctuation marks—a person's feelings or mood and can include numbers and letters, as well. These emoticons are usually flipped sideways. As social media has become widespread, emoticons have played a significant role in communication through technology. These emoticons offer another range of "tone" and feeling through texting that portrays specific emotions through facial gestures while in the midst of cyber communication.

Who knew back in the day when "emoticons" became the language of the internet, and later found it's niche in text messages and social media, that Emoji Jewelry would be a real category and is even found in fine jewelry!  ....hmmm emoji heirloom jewelry?

Just think you could buy this fabulous Ring Set by Wendy Brandes Jewelry  and find yourself explaining to the Grand Kids just how "hip" (?)  you were!  OK - that just outed my age ;)

Of course the minute I start talking Wendy Brandes I have to bring up the piece of jewelry that, for me, put Wendy on my radar.  Years ago on Twitter (wow, who ever thought we would be saying THAT!) I saw a jeweler talking about her new necklace...Mud Flap Jill!  I couldn't believe that someone gave my FAV traffic distraction, Mud Flap Girl, a name - AND immortalized her in Gold!!!   ...this is on my To Buy List  - just link Mud Flap Girl  heirloom jewelry - that makes me smile!

Before this turns into a Wendy Brandes love fest which would be so easy to do!   More recently the designer made my Top 5 Daily Go To Jewelry  List for her fabulous mismatched "Heart U" earrings.  I may work in Jewelry but I am a Huggies and Studs girl.

...and then there is the ultimate in Emoticon Jewels - Lorraine Schwartz' Happy Face Bracelet!

How can you see these and not smile?


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