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Thursday, February 24, 2011

MJSA Announces "The Candy Store Is Open!"

I don't know if you are like me - maybe a little since you are reading this blog - but I love a great tradeshow!   ...and a show that MJSA is involved in is always a GREAT Trade Show!  Remember this is a "Trade Only!" show so proper Business Information will be required.

What more can I say - I love the theme - I identify totally with it - I think I have learned as much "At The Bench - Live" as I have in paid workshops.  Can you imagine being able to touch - use - discuss a piece of equipment prior to a major purchase?  YEP - like a kid in a Candy Store...I have sat down to a desktop laser welder...seen the works of high tech etching machines and watched a printer create a wax mold (OK so I simplify ;p).
From the MJSA website: Remember when you were a kid, and a visit to the candy store wasn’t just a trip, but an adventure—one that usually ended with a reward? Choosing from among all of the chocolates, caramels, gum balls, cinnamon drops, and other sweets wasn’t easy, but, boy, was it fun.
You’ll feel just like that kid again as you walk through the aisles of MJSA Expo New York. The largest and oldest trade show dedicated to professional excellence in jewelry making and design, Expo is chock full of the latest bench tools, laser welders, casting machines, alloys, CAD/CAM systems, gemstones and beads, component parts, stamping equipment—whatever you need to make and sell exceptional jewelry, Expo has it. It also features premier contract service providers and business services, to help you take your ideas from concept to completion, and ensure your business remains profitable.
Maybe that’s why thousands of qualified buyers walk the aisles to see, touch, and try out the tried and true and the innovative and new, just like kids in a ... well, you know.

Your New Candy Store 
Expo New York -
Don't Forget to Register!

MJSA Expo New York
Hilton New York  ●  March 13-15, 2011  ●  New York City
 The Expo New York showMarch 13-15 at the Hilton New York,
is calling your name! 

Find the one new product or service that could change your business and make your year.

If you haven't done so yet.

Expo New York brings together a cross section of the jewelry industry like no other show. And it's the unique mix of energy, points-of-view, and perspective you find at Expo from which you derive your best ideas.

Need another reason to come?
How about our impressive seminar program, which will address ALL the hot topics you and your colleagues are discussing, including...

Practical Business Advice
Promoting Product Today
- Custom Design and Future Stock 
- Success Strategies
- Profiting by Design"It Takes Two" Tuesday: One-on-One Sessions with the Experts
This is your chance to have specific questions answered by experts on marketing, public relations, strategic planning, and other key areas vital to success. Sign-up sheets available starting at 9:00am on Tuesday in the show presentations area. Experts to include:
·         Andrea Hill, president of StrategyWerx, which specializes in driving profitable growth in small to mid-sized companies;
·         Cindy Edelstein, president of the Jeweler's Resource Bureau, which offers business support, marketing intelligence, and industry insights for jewelry designers;
·         Eugene Brill, marketing manager for Rio Grande, who specializes in digital marketing strategies;
·         Chris Ploof, award-winning designer/goldsmith, owner of Chris Ploof Studios and technical consultant for the Palladium Alliance International;
·         Kate Peterson, president of Performance Concepts, which was founded to meet the education, training, and business development needs of specialty retailers and their suppliers;
·         Linus Drogs, owner of AU Enterprises, which provides precious metal manufacturing services such as casting, mold making, and CAD/CAM, and casting consultant for Palladium Alliance International.

Click here for a complete Expo NY Seminar Schedule.

And New For 2011: 

It's Going to be a Green Expo: Constellation Energy, the endorsed supplier to the new MJSA Energy Program, will supply Green-e Energy certified renewable energy certificates (RECs) from wind energy facilities in the United States. That means 100 percent of the electricity used at the MJSA Expo New York will help to support the demand for new, clean wind power. To learn more about Constellation and our Energy Program stop by the MJSA booth (2122), or visit Constellation Energy at Booth 325.

Swarovski ELEMENTS Workshop

Workshops to include "Make Your Own Crystal Mesh Bracelet", "Jewelry Making With Epoxy Putty", and "Riveted Crystal Findings". You are also invited to to visit the Swarovski ELEMENTS Worskhop area to view Spring/Summer 2012 products, trends, and more!

Click here for a complete workshop schedule.


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