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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Shapeways - Print in 3D on Silver!

Shapeways Starts a New Fashion Trend: 3D Printed Silver
Now, Anyone Can Design and 3D Print their Own Jewelry in Pure Silver at
New York (March 10, 2011) - Shapeways (, the online community and marketplace for personalized production using 3D printing, today, launches a new service enabling anyone to make products in pure silver. Shapeways is the first consumer platform to enable anyone in the world to make unique and personalized products in silver.
“3D printing was first created for industrial use,” said Shapeways CEO Peter Weijmarshausen. “Now, using Shapeways, anyone can 3D print in refined artisan grade materials, including precious metals like pure silver. We can’t wait to see what our community will create with this new capability!”
Taking Do It Yourself (DIY) jewelry making to the next level, Shapeways’ “Draw It” creators offers users with no 3D modeling skills the ability to draw their own rings or earrings on paper and have those jewelry designs come to life. Anyone can personalize an existing jewelry design found at or shop from thousands of unique accessories in the Shapeways shops and have them custom made in silver using 3D printing.
Those with 3D modeling skills can now design original jewelry and other decorative items using traditional 3D design software and print them in silver. Designers can also open a Shapeways shop and sell their designs directly to consumers—Shapeways handles the 3D printing, shipping and customer service.
“Now that Shapeways is offering 3D printed silver, designers are poised to reinvent the jewelry industry,” said Nervous System’s Jessica Rosenkrantz. Nervous System is a design studio that works at the intersection of science, art, and technology. Visit Nervous System’s Shapeways Shop here: 
Shapeways community member Christina Westbrook added, “Now 3D printing can enter the world of Fine Jewelry! Both the jeweler and 3D modeler nerd in me is stoked.” View Christina’s designs here: 
The new silver material likely will be used primarily to create jewelry, but there are certainly applications for the Shapeways hobbyist community as well—expect to see silver dice, spaceships and model trains. 
Items ordered in silver are first 3D printed in wax and then cast in silver. Rings will cost approximately $40, earrings, $80, and bracelets, starting at $140. Pricing is based on the total amount of material used, $40 for the first cm 3 plus $20 per additional cm 3. As always, Shapeways includes free shipping worldwide. The maximum size for Silver is 15×15x10 cm (6×6x4 inch) Silver will be available in two finishes, polished and high shine polished (for an additional $10). Average delivery time is 15 business days. For more information about 3D printing in silver, please visit:
Shapeways adds silver to its already robust portfolio of 3D printing materials, which currently includes multiple strong and flexible plastics and Alumide; stainless steel in a variety finishes, including gold-plating and antique bronze; glass, in matte and two high gloss finishes; full color sandstone; white, black and transparent detail acrylic-based plastics; as well as grey robust ABS plastic. For more information about the various materials offered at, please visit:

Shapeways is the online community and marketplace for personalized production where anyone can make, buy and sell their own creations. Custom-made products are created one-of-a-kind and on-demand in a variety of materials using the latest 3D printing technologies.
The innovative designs found at have been created by a diverse community of product designers, artists and enthusiasts. Community members engage in everything from collaborative creation through the Shapeways blogs and forum to selling their designs as products through the Shapeways Shops, an international marketplace for consumer created 3D printed products. As the Shapeways community continues to grow, more and more products become available to consumers.
Consumers can shop for unique giftware in the Shapeways Shops or co-create a wide range of personalized, affordable products, from customized cufflinks and jewelry to puzzles, home d├ęcor and more.
Headquartered in New York with offices in Eindhoven, Shapeways is a spin-out of the lifestyle incubator of Royal Philips Electronics. Series A investors include Union Square Ventures in New York and Index Ventures in London.
For more information, please visit

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hottest Jewelry Trend for St. Patrick’s Day: Platinum and Emeralds

It appeared many of Hollywood's leading ladies, including Reese Witherspoon, Annette Bening and Amy Adams were trying to channel the Luck of the Irish with platinum and emerald jewelry at this year's Academy Awards. Because platinum is naturally white, it maximizes the brilliance of all colored gemstones. 

Just in time for St. Patrick's Day, here are a few of the latest platinum and emerald styles:

Platinum Guild International (PGI) is an organization dedicated to inspiring a passion for platinum that ensures it is the precious jewelry of choice. We supply information, practical advice and expertise to help jewelry buyers make informed and inspired decisions. We also offer the jewelry trade specialist knowledge and resources, with the aim of providing customers a high level of help and advice in store.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Russian Designer Captures "Champion of the Champions" IJDE Award

International Jewellery Design Excellence Awards Announced

Russian designer Ilgiz Fazulzyanov was named winner of the biennial International Jewellery Design Excellence (IJDE) Award's "Champion of the Champions" at a gala reception held 4 March. Mr Fazulzyanov won for his "Bullfinches" design.

This year's IJDE received more than 100 entries from 21 countries and regions. All designers who have won an officially announced jewellery design competition over the past two years were eligible for the award. The judging panel, made up of internationally respected industry experts, weighed innovativeness, craftsmanship, aesthetics, wearability and function in making their decision. The competition pieces are on display throughout the Hong Kong International Jewellery Show, at the Hall 1C entrance.

I. Champion of the Champions

Designer: Ilgiz Fazulzyanov (Russia)
Title: Bullfinches
Description: The design brings the beauty of nature to jewellery. Bullfinches can be found year-round in Russia, and the design pictures them in snow

II. Innovation and Uniqueness in Design Award

Designer: Kristen Malan (South Africa)
Title: Molecular Truth
Description: Representing life at a molecular level, the bangle symbolises the point at which the world must begin to renew and sustain the planet for future generations.

III. Aesthetic Award

Designer: Shuk Mei Chu (Hong Kong)
Title: Up and Down
Description: Motifs of sunrise and sunset bring this design to brilliant life. 

IV. Craftsmanship

Designer: Eva Shiu (Hong Kong)
Title: Sensational Orientalism
Description: Paper is one of the four great inventions of ancient China. Traditional Chinese folk-paper cutting expresses simple elegance. The design mixes modern design techniques and the classic folding style.

V. Distinction Award

Designer: Wen Chan (Hong Kong)
Title: Hanging Moon
Description: The designer uses baroque pearls to create a sense of clouds floating at varying angles.

VI. Distinction Award

Designer: Wen Chan (Hong Kong)
Title: Melting Snowball 
Description: A melting snowball is the design's inspiration. The Tahiti black pearl mounted in black gold symbolises the fading of a dark age and the promise of a bright future. 

VII. Distinction Award

Designer: Regina Da Mei Cheng (Chinese mainland)
Title: Fortune of Eternity 
Description: The design, featuring a bat with a golden coin in its mouth, represents wealth and luck in Chinese. 

VIII. Distinction Award

Designer: Anne Hu (Chinese mainland)
Title: Listen to the Voice of Liang Zhu
Description: The design responds to the classic Chinese love story "Liang Shan Bo and Zhu Ying Tai," with an imaginatively fashioned earring dressed with 18k gold and diamonds.

IX. Merit Award

Designer: Queeta Rawat (India)
Title: Rain Dance
Description: The timeless beauty of a white peacock dancing in the rain inspired the designer. The golden South Sea pearl in the centre of the diamond feather enhances the design's fragility.

X. Merit Award

Designer: Seyed Mohammad Mortazavi (Iran)
Title: Twin Paisley
Description: The design creatively adapts the Persian Paisley, an ancient icon. 

XI. Merit Award

Designer: Lok Chung Angela, Ng (Hong Kong)
Title: Dancer
Description: Desire and passion find glittering life in this exquisite creation.

XII. Merit Award

Designer: Emily Snadden (Australia)
Title: Precious Limb Bangle
Description: The design depicts the natural folds, creases and wrinkles typically found in the Australian salmon gum.

Hong Kong Jewellry Show and Design Awards: 

A statutory body established in 1966, the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) is the international marketing arm for Hong Kong-based traders, manufacturers and service providers. With more than 40 global offices, including 11 on the Chinese mainland and three in the US, the HKTDC promotes Hong Kong as a platform for doing business with China and throughout Asia. The HKTDC also organises trade fairs and business missions to connect companies with opportunities in Hong Kong and on the mainland, while providing information via trade publications, research reports and online. For more, please visit

Follow the HKTDC on Twitter @HKTDC 

Monday, March 7, 2011

Amber Dominates at John S Brana

In a nod to one of only five gemstones considered to be Organic...the latest collection at John S. Brana salutes Amber!

"Though it is no more than the fossilized resin of ancient and long extinct trees, amber has been treasured as a gemstone since the sunsets of prehistoric time.  In our modern, scientific world it serves as a miniature time machine, taking us 25 to 50 million years into the past to share the stories of its captured creatures.  Amber is warm, calm and helps to establish balance in the temperament of its wearer. It represents longevity, and as it has been found near burial grounds dating back to 8000 B.C., it may also be the oldest organic material humans have used for adornment."

Nature's beauty inspires these shimmering rich honey hue Amber earrings. 14K Gold-filled spirals are hand-wrapped with faceted Amber beads, creating elegant earrings that burst with honey-color glow.
  • Measures approximately 3" L x 2" W

  • 14K Gold-filled French Wires, for pierced ears only.

  • About John S Brana Jewelry

    John S. Brana's collections of distinctive handcrafted designer jewelry include beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces designed to set the wearer apart from the crowd. Whether classic or contemporary, each piece is unique, meticulously handcrafted, and made from top-quality materials. John creates all of his jewelry in his San Francisco studio and works in sterling silver, fine silver, 14K gold-filled wire, 14K - 24K gold, copper, and silver and gold precious metal clay. His original designs incorporate hand-picked sterling silver and vermeil beads, faceted gemstones, fresh-water pearls, Venetian glass, hand-carved semi-precious and precious gemstones -- all carefully selected during John's frequent trips to Europe, Asia, and throughout the United States.
    "Nature is my primary source of inspiration. Whether I'm driving down the coast, strolling through a park, or tending my garden, the natural world shows that the creative combinations of colors, textures, patterns, shapes, and symbols are endless."

    Awards Announced for 8th International South Sea Pearl Jewellery Design Competition

    A model demonstrates a pair of award winning
    pearl earrings designed by Filipino designer
    Evelyn Buen-Chua, titled "Blessing"

    Monday, March 7th marked the awards ceremony for the 8th International South Sea Pearl Jewelry Design Competition.  The ceremony was part of the on-going Hong Kong International Jewelry Show 2011 (HKIJS), with more than 700 designs competing in 7 categories. All winning designs will be put on display during the HKIJS.

    Award winning pearl head-wear designed by
    Hong Kong designer Wong Suk Hing, titled "Fly" 

    The South Sea Pearl Consortium invited professional designers and students to put their creativity and skills to the test by signing up for the 8th International South Sea Pearl Jewellery Design Competition.

    Award winning pearl jewelry designed by a
    Chinese designer Yang Zhe, titled "Rotation"

    The contest is comprised of two categories namely the Open Group, which caters to jewellery industry practitioners and professional jewellery designers, and the Student Group, which is open to current full-time or part-time jewellery course students or individuals who have completed their relevant course studies in 2009-2010.

    The South Sea Pearl Consortium is an international non-profit organisation that promotes South Sea pearls globally.  Founded in 1995, the South Sea Pearl Consortium is a non-profit organization created by Nicholas Paspaley and several like-minded people to educate jewellery designers and retailers, as well as the consumer, to the special qualities of the South Sea cultured pearl. The Consortium now has a presence in Europe and the United States as well as in Asia, providing information to the press, retailers, designers and consumers.
    For contest info:

    Photos of winning designs via  English.Xinhuanet. com 

    Sunday, March 6, 2011

    Fresh Spring Jewels from Vivienne Westwood!

    I can't wait to see this one on the Red Carpet -
    Oak Leaf tiara worn with a Westwood Gown in Eggplant 

    It is that time of year - new jewelry collections are being promoted, but none as dramatic as the new line of jewelry that brings together three heavy hitters!!!

    The Palladium Alliance International and world renown fashion designer Vivienne Westwood have teamed up for the Westwood designed "Get a Life" palladium jewelry collection...and Christina Hendricks of Mad Men fame has been announced as the "face" of the campaign!
    Oak Tree Tiara - details

    An EXCLUSIVE for People Magazine's "Style Watch" quotes the Designer (and her hubby) and the actress:

     “I admire that Vivienne uses her designs to inspire change,” Hendricks, a lifelong Westwood fan, says of the line, which features symbols of hope including trees, acorns and hearts. “As Palladium is a naturally white metal, the pieces really sparkle under the lights,” she continues. “I cannot wait to wear them on the red carpet!” 
    And the feeling is mutual, with Westwood proffering, “Christina is the embodiment of beauty and we were delighted to have been able to involve her with this new jewelry collection.” 
    Westwood’s husband and collaborator, Andreas Kronthaler, agrees. “She’s got something, this American sweetheart beauty … you’d do anything to go out with her,” he told PEOPLE at the line’s recent launch party in London. “She’s magnificent — a bit like Marilyn Monroe. In front of the camera there’s something very sensual.” 
    The wide neckline of this Teal Westwood Frock provides
    the ideal spot for this Pagan Heart to nestle...

    According to the Style 360 Blog by Jennifer Heebner at JCK Magazine:

    The bespoke pieces, which include a tiara, include elements inspired by the need to “act, affect, preserve and allow our environment to flourish,” according to press materials. Designs from the collection are inspired by nature (think acorns) and symbols of paganism like the oak tree, which represent “strength, power and hope for change to make the environment better for the future,” as well as Gaia or Mother Earth.

    The collection will be available in Vivienne Westwood boutiques in London and L.A. in March 2011. Prices for the retail collection range from $445 to $900; the couture collection is made to order and prices are available upon request.

    Detail of Pagan Heart:   


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