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Friday, August 15, 2014

Japan’s First Lady Previews Rio Tinto’s Rare Pinks & Reds

Japan’s First Lady Previews 
Rio Tinto’s Rare Pinks & Reds

The inaugural visit of the First Lady of Japan, 
Mrs Akie Abe, at the invitation of the Western Australian Government was occasion enough for an early showcase of Rio Tinto’s iconic Argyle pink diamonds

In an exclusive preview for Mrs Abe, the 2014 Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender collection, comprising around 50 of the rarest and most valuable pink diamonds in the world, were revealed. The diamonds are the finest of a year’s production from Rio Tinto’s Argyle mine in the East Kimberley region of Western Australia. 
Among the fancy Pinks & Reds, Mrs Abe was the first to view the Argyle Toki™, a 1.59 carat Emerald cut Fancy Intense Purplish Pink.  The name, depicting the delicate pink underwings of a rare Japanese bird, symbolizes the importance of Japan as the premier export market for rare pink diamonds. 

Rio Tinto Diamonds managing director Jean-Marc Lieberherr said “We were delighted to welcome Mrs Abe and show her at first hand these beautiful gems, the pinnacle of Australia’s mineral wealth and symbolic of our enduring relationship with Japan.”

The importance of the Japanese market to the development of Rio Tinto’s rare pink diamond business over the past 30 years was reason enough to honor the First Lady with a private showing. The pink diamond jewellery phenomenon started in Japan in the late 1980s when Japanese designers boldly embraced Argyle’s pink diamonds and incorporated them in beautiful and innovative designs. Today Rio Tinto sells around 30 per cent of its Argyle pink diamonds into Japan where there is an unerring appetite for the smallest, palest pink diamonds, through to the rarest reds.

Rio Tinto’s Argyle mine produces virtually the entire world’s supply of rare pink diamonds. The 2014 Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender collection will be officially launched in August and will tour the world until October. Around 150 collectors, connoisseurs and luxury jewellers are invited to place sealed bids on the diamonds. Prices for these diamonds can exceed US$1million per carat, hence their stature as “the most concentrated form of wealth on earth."

This year’s collection features a record 4 Red Diamonds and will celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender.

About Argyle Pink Diamonds  Pink diamonds, produced at Rio Tinto’s Argyle Mine in Western Australia, are highly coveted as the world's most sought after gems. The Argyle Diamond Mine produces more than 90 per cent of the world's pink diamonds, which are sold in a broad range of colours and sizes to an international customer base.

The market for pink diamonds is quite separate to white diamonds, and due to their rarity, pink diamonds typically command prices far in excess of white diamonds. The best diamonds are reserved for the annual Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender. Rio Tinto's Argyle Pink Diamonds business is located in Perth, Western Australia, alongside its cutting and polishing factory.  Website:

About Rio Tinto Diamonds   Rio Tinto is one of the world's major diamond producers through its 100 per cent control of the Argyle mine in Australia, 60 per cent of the Diavik mine in Canada, a 78 per cent interest in the Murowa mine in Zimbabwe. These three mines allow Rio Tinto to produce diamonds for all market segments. Rio Tinto also has an advanced diamond project in India. Rio Tinto's share of the production from its three operating mines is sold through its Diamonds Sales and Marketing office in Antwerp, Belgium with representative offices in Mumbai, Hong Kong and New York. Rio Tinto Diamonds is a leading supporter of the Kimberley Process as well as a founding member of Responsible Jewellery Council.

Follow @RioTinto on Twitter

Photos from the top - Argyle Cardinal Red - Argyle Toki - Argyle Rosette 

ACE© It Mid Year Conference by NAJA

ACE© It Conferences by NAJA
Appraisers Continuing Education

The National Association of Jewelry Appraisers (NAJA) announces its 42nd Annual Winter ACE© It Education Conference to be held in Rosemont, IL on September 22-23, 2014.  New this year will be the opportunity to attend the World of Gems IV Conference preceding NAJA in the same location.

The appraisal organization dedicated exclusively to gems and jewelry presents an outstanding program to assist the professional appraiser’s continuing education and an unparalleled networking experience. 

The daily programs are: 

Monday, September 22, 2014

            The Evolution of Fire, Facet & Form: The Evolution of Crown of Light   Tammy Cohen

                Emeralds of the Atocha: The Value of History   Carl A. Sch├╝tze

     Afternoon Rotating Workshops:

                The New Arrival in a Changing Opal Market - A Workshop!   Paul B. Downing, PhD

                Getting the Secret Identity out of Jewelry Metals with Compassionate Interrogation
                Identifying Common and Alternative Jewelry Metals with Nondestructive Tests...Mostly
                                A Workshop!   Arthur Skuratowicz, GG

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

                Charitable Contributions of Jewelry: What are the IRS Appraisal Rules?  Karin Gross, 
                Attorney at Law

                Conch Pearl: The Queen of Seduction Manuel Marcial de Gomar

                50 Amazing Ways To Energize Your Appraisal Business and Maximize Your Time While 
                Enjoying Life   Jeff Averbook, GG

                The Price of Rarity—Appraising Natural Gems   Cigdem Lule, GG & Stuart Robertson, GG

To retrieve a conference brochure go to or for further information contact Gail Brett Levine, GG, Executive Director, National Association of Jewelry Appraisers,  718.896-1536,  f. 718-997-9057,,  

Thursday, August 14, 2014

#DailyJewel - Spotlight on the Phoenix Collection by Kavant and SharArt #EarTux


The Phoenix Collection is inspired by the graceful movement, form and beauty of the mythological animal.

The wing-shaped earrings represent the wind / freedom to move while the clawed (single and triple) shaped earrings represent the earth / being grounded and mindful.  

Extensions of the original collection were made as suggested by Janet with Fragments NY

image via Fragments

• Each piece is handcrafted in 18K gold, precious and semi-precious gemstones, white, champagne, grey and black diamonds. 

• All pieces are made in-house by their own team of goldsmiths, stone setter, gem cutters and apprentice.

• There is an element of versatility in most pieces. Many of which allows one to convert the design, 
interchange and stack - enabling a more inimitable and personalized feel.

• This collection takes a brand new approach to the ear jacket or rather some called it the Ear Tux (short form for tuxedo). The design sought to capture both mystery and simplicity in equal depths.
• The design concept allows one to play with its web of possibilities such as converting it from a stud version to a dangling earring. (As illustrated below)
Phoenix 2 or 3 claw Black and white diamonds 18K white gold. 
Phoenix Movement: Diamond studs and black diamonds, Pink Sapphire and black diamonds, Pave diamond ball and black diamonds all in 18K white gold

White Diamond & Pink Sapphire or Grey Diamond & Emerald in 18K Black Rhodium Plated gold 

Convertible: ( Day to night) Blue Sapphire and diamond 18 K White gold
converts to Black and white diamond dangling earrings 18K white gold 


#JWLV - Private Preview of the latest collection from Kavant and Sharart at the Wynn


Kenny and Shar-Linn are partners in all aspects of life - and while their brand is one voluminous company, they have two very distinct styles.  

Shar-Linn is angular and kinetic with a predisposition for the Art Deco, while Kenny's work is organic and infused with rare and fabulous gems in lush colors and significant designs.

Retailers will love that they only have to deal with one company yet choose from a catalog so varied it could represent several design lines!

Kenny is Kavant A third generation jeweler, Kenny grew up at the knee of his jeweler father and goldsmith grandfather in their fine jewelry store. A degree in Chemical engineering later and he did an about face, taking Design and Gemology courses at G.I.A (Gemological Institute of America) while concentrating on bringing his Bench skills up to par.

AWARDS: Centurion Emerging Designer 2009, JCK Jeweler’s Choice Award 2010, Cultured Pearl Assoc. of America 2011

The MO - GEO Collection

Shar-Linn is SharArt  Born and raised in Singapore, by a mother, who used to be a couturier, Shar-Linn has always found her passion in art, fashion and antiquity. But it wasn't until she met a boy that she was exposed her to the world of jewels. It was love - both the jewels and that boy, now her husband,  encouraged her to follow her passion and she followed him to G.I.A.

AWARDS:  Shar-Linn’s: Centurion Emerging Designer Award 2011

The Pirouette Collection


These earring jackets were their hottest line in Las Vegas - "Phoenix" - their EarTux were getting a lot of attention!   ...change the look by using different solitaires - colored gem studs, diamond studs even pearl studs.


....and finally their Bespoke Collection.

Photos featured are from Jewelry Week in Las Vegas and Kavant and SharArt Instagram and Facebook page

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

MJSA Jeweler’s Bench Conference & Trade Fair

Jeweler’s Bench Conference & Trade Fair

September 13 & 14, 2014

Sheraton Providence Airport Hotel
1850 Post Road, Warwick, RI

If you ever wanted a better, more profitable way to make or repair a piece of jewelry, then this event is for you.

The Jeweler’s Bench Conference & Trade Fair is for anyone engaged in bench work—artisans and designers, manufacturers, retailers who offer repair or re-purposing services—who wants to be a business success. Who wants to learn the latest bench techniques and re-discover the joy of bench work as well as learn ways to run a better bench business. Who wants to discover the latest tools, supplies, and services that will turn their operation into a lean and fit "Super Shop."

Registration is now open!

Jeweler’s Bench Conference Sessions

The Jeweler’s Bench conference offers two distinct educational programs:

The Better Business program on Saturday will feature sessions on how to best price your products and services, stock your bench, and generally run a better bench business.

The Better Bench program on Sunday covers the technical issues faced by bench jewelers every day, from how to think like a welder, to create designs that can be cast more easily, and to transform ordinary, damaged, or chipped stones into extraordinary gems.

Below is the schedule for the Better Businesssessions that have been developed and will be run by the MJSA Education Foundation, and the Better Bench sessions that have been developed and will be run by Metalwerx.

Better Business Sessions

Saturday, September 13
9 to 10:30 a.m.:
How to Stock a Better Bench
Presented by Ann Cahoon, North Bennet Street School
What are the essential tools needed by the modern bench jeweler? Which tools will make her or his life easier? Which machines and technology are worth the cost in time saved? This informative session will look at the basics, then examine specialized tools for various kinds of jewelers, from general repair operations to stone setting, chain making, and more. A review of necessary safety equipment will also be included.

11:30 a.m. to 12:15 p.m.:
Social Media Tips for Bench and Custom Jewelers
Presented by Peggy Jo Donahue, Director of the MJSA Education Foundation, MJSA Social Media Correspondent
Bench and custom jewelers are some of the most followed jewelers on sites such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. Why? Because jewelry-loving consumers love to see photos of works in progress, and "insider" photos of the amazing machines and tools that jewelers use. In addition, custom, restoration, and repair projects almost always come with a story of a well-loved heirloom or a relationship sealed by a talisman. Learn how to make your projects catnip on social media, and build your business!

1 to 2:30 p.m.:
Pricing for Jewelry Repairs and Custom Design: Don’t Sell Yourself Short
Presented by Joel McFadden, Joel McFadden Designs
Many bench jewelers and custom designers admit that they don’t always factor in all of the costs involved when charging for their work. Using David Geller’s famous Blue Book to Jewelry Repair and Design as a guide, this informative session will help you to avoid common mistakes in pricing both repairs and designs, ensuring you cover all material costs and labor charges (including for your CAD work) and establish a price that your target market will bear.

3 to 4:30 p.m.:
The Business of Running a Bench Business: Operations Advice
Presented by Marlene Richey, Business Consultant and Author of Profiting by Design: A Jewelry Maker’s Guide to Business Success
Bench jewelers run businesses with a wide array of tasks, from building one custom piece to fulfilling larger orders to doing repairs and restoration. But what about the basic tasks involved in running a business, from operations and inventory, to pricing and promotion? If your skills are more bench than business oriented, learn from Richey, an award-winning consultant and author, who has also operated a successful design firm and retail jewelry gallery.

Better Bench Sessions
Sunday, September 14

9 to 10:30 a.m.:
Possibilities of Pulse Arc Welding
Presented by Sessin Durgham, Rio Grande
Micro-pulse-arc welding can increase efficiency with basic bench tasks such as ring sizing, re-tipping near heat-sensitive stones, and repairing porous castings. Sessin Durgham, technical support team member at Rio Grande, has been conducting ongoing research on the many other possibilities this technology has to offer the jewelry industry. Using the latest Orion Pulse Arc Welder I series, Sessin will demonstrate and explain new discoveries found in his research, including how to fabricate large jewelry objects and small hollowware using long, consistent, repeatable weld seams, and how to join dissimilar metals—titanium to karat gold, karat gold to iron, and more. Begin to think like a welder and apply this valuable skill to jewelry and metalsmithing.
MJSA and Metalwerx would like to thank Orion Welders for sponsoring this presentation.

11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.:
Casting for Designers: Production Strategies
Presented by Daniel Grandi, Racecar Jewelry Co.
As a casting expert and founder of Racecar Jewelry Co., with more than forty years of experience in all aspects of the business, Dan Grandi has developed strategies for working in a proficient and cost-effective manner. In this presentation, Dan will help to demystify the lost-wax casting process so that attendees can gain a better understanding of what will work well in a production environment. He will also discuss ways to save time by designing wax models to incorporate findings, simple methods to cut open molds, tips for modifying tools, and other tricks he’s developed over the years.

1:30 to 3 p.m.:
Lapidary: Repairing and Restoring Cabochons
Presented by David Baird, Professional Jeweler and Instructor
This presentation is for jewelers who want some lapidary knowledge to help them at the bench. David Baird will demonstrate ways to alter, refashion, and customize cabochon stones using a flex-shaft and hand tools. Topics will include simple methods and tools available for refreshing or re-polishing, how to deal with scratched or abused cabochons, and solutions for stone replacements in existing settings. Take ordinary, damaged, or chipped stones and turn them into extraordinary gems, without the need for a full lapidary studio.
The Better Business program on Saturday will feature sessions on how to best price your products and services, stock your bench, and generally run a better bench business.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014



True Romance Named Vendor‐of‐the‐Year During Annual Meeting & Show

Members of Leading Jewelers Guild, a prestigious member‐owned jewelry organization of independent retailers, assembled at the newly reconfigured Island Hotel in Newport Beach, California for their 56th annual July Meeting and Show from July 12 to 16. “A huge shift has taken place in advertising and how it reaches the customer,” said Leading Jewelers Guild President, Michael Simmons (Simmons & Clark Jewelers, Detroit, MI) “connecting with millennials involves a whole new set of skills and media. Our goal is to bring our members up to speed so they can compete effectively and profitably in an ever‐changing marketplace.”

Leading Jewelers Guild members receive hands‐on training during the Digital Strategy Seminar.
Attendees created social media campaigns on the first day and evaluated their 
results on the next.
The seminar was designed to bring members current on social media as well as website metrics,
search engine optimization, internet marketing and other related subjects. Photo: Kathy Ogier
“We realized we had a problem,” said Jenny Caro (Jewelry by Design, Woodbridge, VA),
“so we did a nationwide search for the best coaches in social media, website metrics,
search engine optimization and internet marketing.” The hands‐on two‐day seminar in
digital strategy involved social media in the morning and website‐related issues in the

Nearly all Leading Jewelers Guild members brought representatives to the seminar, which ran parallel to the traditional CEO‐oriented program. “We were very careful to select presenters that would be relevant on a beginning‐to‐advanced level,” said Caro. Both trainer/presenters were available for individual consultations during the two‐day vendor show and gave a CEO wrap‐up on the final day.

Fourth generation jeweler, Broderick Hicks (Thompson Jewelers, Orlando FL) presents
his company’s history as well as results of a successful promotion he conducted
despite his father and grandfather’s misgivings. Coincidentally, his 21st birthday
was the next day. Leading Jewelers Guild encourages the youngest generation
 to participate fully in all 
discussions. Photo: Jimmy West.
The highlight of the CEO sessions was the culmination of the first group‐wide financial
benchmarking study. “Leading Jewelers Guild members are learning from each other all
the time,” said Chris Coleman (Nelson Coleman Jewelers, Towson MD), “but we wanted
to take that spirit to another level by comparing financial numbers for different type,
size, and volume stores while still maintaining complete confidentiality.” A CPA firm
expert in industry benchmarking was selected to compile members’ information and
prepare the study. Members’ received a confidential analysis of their own numbers in
the areas of productivity, profit, cash flow, and financial strength as well as common‐sized income statements, balance sheets, and detailed sales mix and margin analysis, plus a similar composite report on the entire group. The presenter highlighted how to use the information to improve company bottom lines. “We’re working towards making this an ongoing benefit of membership,” said Coleman.

Other presentations included a re‐launch of the group’s own brand: Love Story® Diamonds, several company introductions, and sharing of promotion and special events ideas. “The more we share our strengths, the better we can help one another develop as individual businesses,” said Leading Jewelers Guild Chairman, Joshua Halpern (Albert’s Jewelers, Shererville, IN), “and our group becomes stronger in the process!” 

(Left to right) James “Jimmy” West (Leading Jewelers Guild Executive Director), Jesper Nielsen (founder, Endless Jewelry; co‐founder, Pandora; author: Inside Pandora), Matt Carlozzi (CEO, Endless Jewelry). “Endless Jewelry could well be the hottest product debut in years; at JCK you could not get near their booth,” said West, “so we’re especially honored they accepted our invitation to come to Newport Beach.” Photo: Kathy Ogier.
Embedded in the five day meeting is a two‐day vendor show where 58 select vendors were invited to exhibit their lines and services. These included key Leading Jewelers Guild suppliers for the group’s upcoming fall catalog program, as well as a number of new vendors: AV Diamonds, Box Brokers, CJ Jewels, Endless Jewelry, Exclusif/Luxury Displays, Fana Jewelry, Gabriel & Co., House of Baguettes, Idor Diamonds, Imagine Designs, Paramount Gems, Royal Jewelry, Seiko, Select Jewelry and Varsha Diamonds.

“With great fanfare we’re reintroducing our Preferred Vendor designation,” said Leading Jewelers Guild Executive Director James “Jimmy” West, “this clearly identifies our top‐tier vendors, highlights their discount and stock balancing offers and removes exclusions and fine print.”

Leading Jewelers Guild Executive Director, James “Jimmy” West, left and Leading
Jewelers Guild President, Michael Simmons (Simmons & Clark Jewelers, Detroit, MI),
right, present the 2013 Vendor‐of‐the‐Year Award to Isaac Gad (center) of  True Romance
 for outstanding product selection and customer service, as voted by the membership.
Photo: Kathy Ogier.
Members, vendors, staff and their families relaxed together at the annual Member/Vendor Party, held at Island Hotel’s Cabana Terrace. Included were Leading Jewelers Guild’s annual awards presentation. Isaac Gad of True Romance (NYC) received the 2013 Vendor of the Year award for outstanding product selection and customer service. Nate Morgan (Morgan’s Jewelers, Salt Lake City, UT) received the 2013 Leader of the Year, for outstanding leadership in several terms as President, Chairman of the Board and a member of the Operations Committee. 

Leading Jewelers Guild Executive Director, James “Jimmy” West, left, and Leading
Jewelers Guild President, Michael Simmons (Simmons & Clark Jewelers, Detroit, MI),
 right, present the 2013 Leader of the Year Award. Chase Morgan (center) accepted on
behalf of his father, Nate Morgan (Morgan Jewelers, Salt Lake City, UT) who was
 traveling abroad. Photo: Kathy Ogier.
Leading Jewelers Guild, is a strategic alliance of independent, family‐owned jewelers that develops competitive advantages for its members; it is 100% member owned. Leading
Jewelers Guild is an invaluable merchandising, marketing, catalog advertising and production resource dedicated to the overall business needs of their member companies.

Leonardo Kashi (center) of Le Vian receives the special “World’s Best DJ” award for providing
music at the Member/Vendor Party for the past three years. The award, a custom‐made
reproduction of Leonardo’s iconic sunglasses is presented by Leading Jewelers Guild Executive
Director, James “Jimmy” West, left, and Leading Jewelers Guild 
President, Michael Simmons
 (Simmons & Clark Jewelers, Detroit, MI), right. Photo: Kathy Ogier.
Leading Jewelers Guild is currently comprised of 40 member companies in the USA and one
jeweler in Scotland, representing approximately 150 retail locations. 

For more information contact James “Jimmy” West, Executive Director at (310) 216‐9106. 

From release provided by LJG

Monday, August 11, 2014

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Gem Cutters/Carvers at the Carnegie Museum!

Michael Dyber: Master of Optical Illusion
May 31–August 31, 2014Michael Dyber is widely acknowledged as one of the foremost lapidary artists in the world today. He has won 23 national and international awards for his unique gem carvings. Using his own trademarked cutting techniques, Dyber creates stunning artworks that appear to bend light while interacting with each gemstone’s natural colors. Michael Dyber: Master of Optical Illusion is the artist’s first solo show at a major museum.

Deborah Wilson, Slava Tulupav and Helen Serras-Herman 

Member Show of the Gem Artists of North America
Fall/Winter 2014Founded in 1995, Gem Artists of North America (GANA) is an association of artists and professionals of the gemstone art industry. GANA counts among its members some of the world’s foremost lapidary artists, with works appearing in museums, exhibitions, and private collections worldwide. The juried member show highlights artworks inspired by the beauty of the precious materials themselves.

Wertz Gallery at the Carnegie MuseumWertz Gallery: Gems & Jewelry is a 2,000-square-foot addition to Hillman Hall of Minerals and Gems dedicated to gems, the crystals from which they come, and jewelry comprised of these precious stones. Wertz Gallery is named in honor of Ronald W. Wertz, longtime president of the Hillman Foundation. Wertz Gallery opened in 2007 as part of a year-long expansion and renovation of Hillman Hall of Minerals and Gems, which first opened in 1980. Hillman Hall exhibits minerals in the manner of sculpture, showing them for their beauty as well as discussing their physical properties and industrial uses. Extensive displays include amber, birthstones, and lapidary art, and major exhibitions are also hosted.


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