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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Golden Celebrities and Golden Statues #OscarJewelry

Lupita Nyong'o layered on the Gold Jewelry from Fred Leighton

Celebrities who wore gold jewelry to the 86th Academy Awards this year include:

Amy Adams in Gold by Fred Leighton
LUPITA NYONG'O* – Fred Leighton 18k yellow gold and diamond headband., 19th Century yellow gold and diamond coiled snake bracelet, 18k yellow gold and rose-cut diamond spiked crescent earrings​18k yellow gold Frog ring, 19th Century yellow gold, pearl and diamond ring, 19th Century yellow gold and opal ring, 1960's 18k gold, turquoise, and diamond ring. 
AMY ADAMS* – Tiffany & Co. Blue Book Collection 18k yellow gold rhodochrosite, lapis and turquoise earrings with diamonds, Blue Book Collection 18k yellow gold square modified brilliant yellow diamond bracelet, Blue Book Collection 18k yellow gold ring with fire opal, pink sapphire, yellow diamond and spessertite beads and gold Tiffany Metro diamond band rings.

ANGELINA JOLIE* – Robert Procop Exceptional Jewels Collection yellow gold round diamond drop earrings.

CAMILLA ALVES* - Lorraine Schwartz rose gold and pink diamond earrings with rose gold and diamond ring.

LADY GAGA* – Lorraine Schwartz rose gold and 20 carat diamond studs, rose gold and diamond bracelet, and a rose gold and fancy grey diamond ring surrounded by pink diamonds.

KELLY OSBOURNE* – Solange Azagury-Partridge 18k yellow gold and diamond Crinoline earrings, 18k yellow gold and diamond Spaghetti Bombe ring, 18k yellow gold Skeleton square ring, and 18k yellow gold and diamond Offering ring.

COCO ROCHA – Azva 22k yellow gold earrings and 22k yellow gold vine cuff.

BRAD PITT – Robert Procop yellow gold and diamond tuxedo buttons and cufflinks.
Goldie Hawn in Gold from Lorraine Schwartz

PHARRELL – Lorraine Schwartz gold and yellow diamond studs and Be Happy gold bracelets with Ofira Jewels gold ball bracelets with multi color diamonds.

GOLDIE HAWN – Lorraine Schwartz rose gold 14 carat rose cut diamond ring, rose gold and diamond chandelier earrings, and rose gold diamond briolette drop necklace.

SALLY HAWKINS – Fred Leighton antique diamond double drop earrings in gold and old mine diamond ring set in gold.

KRISTIN CHENOWETH – Neil Lane yellow gold and diamond pin wheel earrings, yellow gold chain bracelet, and yellow gold and diamond ring.

Pharrell in Gold by Lorraine Schwartz
LOUISE ROE – Chopard 18k rose gold diamond bangle, champagne brown diamond briolette chandelier earrings set in 18k rose gold, and brown bear Animal World Collection 18k rose gold ring with brown diamonds, onyx, and blue sapphires.

JOHN LEGEND – Gentleman by David Thomas and Jason of Beverly Hills yellow gold and white diamond button cufflinks and yellow gold and white diamond lapel buttonhole.

IRELAND BALDWIN – H.Stern Iris 18k noble gold with diamond earrings and Iris 18k noble gold with diamonds ring.

RYAN SEACREST – Gentleman by David Thomas and Jason of Beverly Hills white gold with onyx button cufflinks.

MICHAEL B. JORDAN – Gentleman Collection by David Thomas and Jason of Beverly Hills white gold star collar.

Jaime King in Shaun Leane Gold Earrings

Celebrities who wore gold jewelry to 2014 Oscar parties include:

ALISON BRIE – Dana Rebecca gold jewelry.

AMY POEHLER – Paolo Costagli 18k gold Brillante earrings with L Frank 18k diamond wrap bangles and 18k gold and aquamarine Kings ring.

HELENA CHRISTENSEN – Pamela Love Fine 18k gold and diamond Arch ring, 18k gold and diamond Arch cuff, and 18k gold and diamond five spike earrings.

JAIME KING  - Shaun Leane 18k yellow gold and white diamond hook earrings.

PATRICIA CLARKSON – Lana gold Lumos drop earrings.

Thank you to the group at Love Gold for all the GOLD 

Monday, April 14, 2014

CIBJO's Diamond Special Report focuses on synthetics...

CIBJO's Diamond Special Report focuses on synthetics,
announces conference to examine challenge they pose industry  

MILAN, ITALY: April 9, 2014 - With fewer than six weeks to go to the opening of the 2014 CIBJO Congress in Moscow , the third of the CIBJO commissions' Special Reports has been released. Prepared by the CIBJO Diamond Commission, headed by Udi Sheintal, the report focuses on the challenge posed by the influx of synthetic diamonds into the pipeline, and announces that on the first afternoon of the congress, on Monday, May 19, a special conference will be held to examine the issue, featuring several of the leading experts in the field and a cross section of the industry's leadership.
"To successfully position the industry, so that gem-quality synthetic diamonds can be absorbed into the product mix without threatening the integrity and status of natural diamonds, we need a panoramic strategy, which addresses a variety of elements and disciplines," writes Mr. Sheintal. These include research and technology into the methods used to create synthetic diamonds and the instruments and systems required to detect them, legal and ethical questions that are raised, including sanctions that could be imposed against those who do not disclose that diamonds are synthetic, and methods of marketing that enable consumers to differentiate between natural and synthetic diamonds. 
"As is always the case in CIBJO, the ultimate yardstick as to how our industry should address the challenge of synthetic diamonds, or any other challenge for that matter, is what is the strategy that will best serve the interests of consumer confidence, both in the products we produce and sell, and in our industry itself," Mr. Sheintal writes.
To download a full copy of the report, PLEASE CLICK HERE .


The 2014 CIBJO Congress will take place in Moscow, Russia, May 19-21, 2014, with pre-congress meetings on May 17 and May 18. The congress will be hosted by the Russian Jewellers' Guild, whose headquarters will also serve as the main congress venue.

Busy, Happy Buyers and Sellers ay IDE's U.S. and International Diamond Week

US & International Diamond Week: 
Industry leaders praise IDE's branding efforts

"There are 401 buyers on the floor!" This announcement came through the public announcement system at noontime on the third day of the U.S. and International Diamond Week in Israel, throughout the four buildings of the Israel Diamond Exchange  (IDE) complex in Ramat Gan.  Traffic on the IDE trading floor was very dense and every table  sellers and buyers were hard at work.   

"It is a fantastic event, and I usually refrain from speaking in superlatives," IDE president Shmuel Schnitzer said. "There is a great mood on the trading floor, and this represents the optimism we generally feel in the diamond and jewelry business worldwide. We have hundreds of buyers on the floor who have arrived from all corners from the world, and this is very encouraging. The U.S. and International Diamond Week in Israel is a most important effort to brand our exchange in particular and the Israeli diamond industry and trade at large," he added.

Roberto Coin, the renowned Italian jewelry designer, manufacturer and retailer, said he was impressed with the IDE's effort to brand Israeli's diamond trade. At the conclusion of the Diamond Week's first day, he gave the event's participants a fascinating talk on branding. He summarized his address in a taped interview which is featured below.

Reuven Kaufman, president of the Diamond Dealers Club of New York emphasized - also in a taped interview - the importance of the close cooperation between the IDE and the DDC. "Our bourses and the respective memberships complement each other and together create great business opportunities that are win-win scenarios and add significant value, to the members of both our exchanges. The format of the U.S. and International Diamond Week in Israel is proving itself once again to be very beneficial for the international diamond business," Kaufman said.   


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