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Saturday, November 14, 2009

French High Jewelry Invades Manhattan....

Looking through the Farlang site I came across a wonderful offer - I was looking at the Jewels of France Exhibit and did you know that just by registering on the Farlang site you can win a copy of:

Marchak by Marguerite De Cerval - the story of the legendary house of Marchak which was founded in Kiev in 1878 by Joseph Marchak (1854-1918), moved to Paris and was re-launched internationally in 1989 by the founder's great-grandson - many fine Art Deco and more recent pieces of fine jewellery are featured - The Rebirth,
The Vital Lead, The Legacy, Joseph Marchak and
Alexander Marchak.

The author Marguerite De Cerval is an art historian, specialized in 20th Century French jewellery - this out-of-print edition features around 200 photos.

...and for those of you who are lucky enough to be in Manhattan and attend the event, you can double your chances to win by entering the drawing at the Aaron Faber Gallery!

OK - I am officially jealous - the artists featured in this exhibit is phenomenal!!!! So - if you are in the Manhattan area visit the exhibit and if not go to the Farlang site and register to get a great source of French Design for your personal enjoyment!

French High Jewelry Invades Manhattan for the Annual Jewels of France Exhibition... Aaron Faber Gallery to Host 13 of France’s Celebrated Jewelry Houses and Designers...

The Jewels of France Exhibition and Trunk Show is an annual week long gathering of some of France’s most acclaimed jewelry houses and their designers. Aligned again in its second year with Aaron Faber Gallery, the Jewels of France exhibition offers both trade and consumers an opportunity to meet the Creative Directors behind these houses and learn more about the exquisite and complicated art of French jewelry manufacture.

This year’s participants include Marchak, the 131 year old jewelry house founded by Joseph Marchak, the “Cartier” of Kiev and Peter Fabergé’s greatest rival; Bijoux Commelin, the 129 year-old manufacture of charms and specialist in translucent enamel; and BRM, the only watch company in the world that designs and manufacturers all of their watches and watch components in France. Also participating are Umane Créations, Joïa, La Joaillerie Récréative, Sylvain Nosjean, Tess & Tasha, Veronique Bailly, Ximena Alarcon Cavrois, Sophie Reyre, Antoine Camus, and Garnazelle. for the full release ...

About Farlang: Farlang Gem & Diamond Foundation would like to offer students, educators, the discerning public, and those in industries or institutions associated with geology and
gemmology, the opportunity to research and continuously learn about our fascinating planet and its exceptionally creative artisans through the Earth's most prized riches.

We want to take you on an exotic and colourful voyage around the world to enhance your knowledge about one of the most cherished objects throughout history, the mineral or organic stone known as gemstones or jewels. Treasured for its beauty, rarity, and durability, jewelled objects and accessories have withstood the test of time to tell its story. A tale filled with intrigue, romance, power, beauty, wealth, and fascinating people.

Along the way, we shall provide you with opportunities to read about history, different countries, trustworthy news, and sound advice from experts. You shall also be introduced to many unique designers and artists from around the globe that we found contribute greatly to the Fine Arts. A feast for the eyes and food for the brain!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

AGTA Spectrum Awards 2010 - Bridal Wear

I am a big proponent of colored stones as Engagement Rings and Wedding Sets - so are these designers:

Entry 45 Russell Koppels
D. Bierfeldt Master Jeweler
Denver, CO

18K rose gold and palladium
ring featuring a 1.51 ct.
brownish-green Diamond
accented with pink, peach
and orange Sapphires (1.26
ctw.) and white and
chocolate Diamonds (.20 ctw.).

Entry 233 Aaron Henry Furlong
Aaron Henry Designs
Los Angeles, CA
18K yellow gold engagement
ring featuring a 12.45 ct.
sugar loaf spessartite Garnet
and green tourmalines (10.0 ctw.).

...and the Bride will always need something blue...

Entry 244 Stacia L. Woods
Jewels From the Woods
Blanco, TX

Platinum pendant featuring
a 52.06 ct. Aquamarine carving,
a white cultured Pearl and
Diamonds (0.22 ctw.) on a
white cultured Pearl strand.

Entry 183 Yael Designs
San Francisco, CA

18K white and yellow gold
"Trinity" necklace featuring
a 5.71 ct. Tanzanite
accented with white
Diamonds (1.73 ctw.).

You don't have an heirloom piece? Start a new tradition with these glorious Abalone Pearl Earrings...

Entry 96 Gene Berdnik
Los Angeles, CA

18K yellow gold drop
earrings featuring two
semi-oval abalone pearls
(8.25 ctw.) accented with
Diamonds (.30 ctw.).

...or compliment a satin gown with these frosted crystal quartz earrings.

Entry 225 Glen J. Engelbrecht
GJ Designs Sarasota, FL

18K white gold earrings featuring
frosted white carved Quartz.

It is interesting to note that as beautiful as these are...the winner is...gorgeous Pink Topaz Earrings!

Entry 530 Maria Canale
Suna Bros., Inc.
New York, NY

18K white gold earrings
featuring shield-cut pink
Topaz (12.82 ctw.), full-cut
Diamonds (1.56 ctw.) and
baguette Diamonds (0.15 ctw.).

AGTA Spectrum Awards 2010

The American Gem Trade Association (AGTA) was formed almost 26 years ago when a group of gem dealers got together in Tucson, AZ and has "blossomed into a leading industry force".

The AGTA has taken on the responsibility of educating and promoting the use of colored gemstones and cultured pearls. Whether that is through the education of their members and member businesses or educating the public through their user friendly "Add More Color To Your Life" website .

To further this quest and to show some really innovative use of colored gems and cultured pearls, in 1984 the AGTA launched their Spectrum Awards program. "Spectrum recognizes the innovative use of natural gemstones and cultured pearls in finished fine jewelry design."

The success of their Spectrum Awards inspired a new competition and in 1991 the Cutting Edge Awards were born. "Cutting Edge honors creativity in lapidary arts, including faceted gems and pearls, carvings, and objects of art."

Last week there was a Press showing of the entries for the 2010 AGTA Spectrum Awards consideration and photos were posted on the AGTA website.

For the next couple weeks we are going to look at a few of my favorites as we cover a category each day...for those of you who are purists the Cutting Edge Award entries will be posted on my Tucson Gem Show - Live! blog ( ) subscribe and don't miss a day!

While entries are closed for the 2010 Awards - start thinking about what you would submit in 2011! In the words of Adam Graham AGTA Spectrum Marketing Manager, "We encourage everyone to enter your pieces and take your shot!"


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