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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Red Carpet...

"The Red Carpet" - the words alone bring to mind visions of privileged people in glamorous gowns draped in diamonds and jewels...we are mesmerized.

For jewelers these are important events - a celebrity in your jewelry on the right "Red Carpet" can be a catalyst in a jewelers career.

...and for some of us it is just mesmerizing to watch all the beauty going down the carpet...and several trends have come off the red carpet. But who has time to look for coverage of each and every Red Carpet Event?! Certainly not me! So I am going to share my favorite coverage of all things "Red Carpet"... Red Carpet Fashion Awards!

Red Carpet Fashion Awards is on every red carpet - everywhere - right now the coverage is Cannes and when I say coverage, this site COVERS it! With shots of the gown from the haute couture runways next to a shot of a star wearing the same gown.

While the site does a fairly good job of covering jewelry (I only wish they posted the Designer names) with closer views and when possible the name of the Designer.

So - lets take a Red Carpet Fashion Awards look at Cannes 2010:

Fan Bingbing in a gold one-sleeved print gown looks to be an update of traditional embroidered oriental gowns with dragons and waves crashing along the hem. She is showing off large glittering earrings with a wide bracelet combo - this is a standard runway look for the last few seasons.

This is a great example of runway to real person - Elie Saab from the runway and on the lovely Helen Mirren - BTW those are Chopard Diamond Cuffs that Helen added to the look.

...Helen Mirren again - she knows how to show the jewels...again in Elie Saab and Chopard, but I thought that you would be excited to see that there have been several necklaces and neckpieces worn at Cannes 2010!

All photos are from the Red Carpet Fashion Awards site and are used here to entice you to click through and check out the daily posts from the Red Carpet events around the world!


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