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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Lynda Bahr's New Taliesin Collection Bold - Versatile - Flexible

Like any architectural project, nothing can happen without a team. It starts with the architect's vision and design but it takes a team to implement their vision. California jewelry designer Lynda Bahr, having been trained as a designer and working as an interior architect states, "I embrace this concept and especially with my new collection,'Taliesin.''' She goes on to say, "This collection would have never been realized without a team. The original Taliesins are Frank Lloyd Wright's homes in Wisconsin and Arizona and the inspiration for my new body of work. And as in all architectural/design projects, it started with my original design and was then pulled together by a remarkable team to bring it to fruition."

Taliesin collection is versatile, interchangeable, flexible in its design and materials. It is a meticulous study of a ring's proportions. Parts can be rearranged and replaced with other parts to suit the customer's needs. Different colored golds can be used. The framework stays consistent but the options are literally unlimited.

The idea for the collection started years ago when Lynda was designing the ring. Years later a team of engineers joined in the project and helped in the engineering and production of the pieces. With her designs and their expertise they were able to come up with workable, elegant rings.

The photographer is also a part of the team. He is a Photoshop genius who can take images the pieces and digitally insert different colors of gold, widths and other elements so the customer can get an idea ahead of time what their piece will look like and if there are any needed alterations. They can literally look at the proportions of the ring and modify the details before the actual ring is physically produced.

Just like Wright's Taliesin, this collection honors the concept of an elegant design that ha
s evolved naturally, organically and has been made possible by a dedicated team of professionals.

Lynda Bahr Jewelry is sold at important shows and in fine jewelry stores and galleries around the United States and her work has been featured in the New York Times, numerous jewelry industry, art, and craft publications for the past two decades.

Each piece of jewelry is unique and it all works together to form beautiful, timeless, ever-changing, jewelry mosaics. Discover the world of Lynda Bahr Jewelry. It is a special place.


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