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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Spotlight on Isharya's Spring Collections!

Isharya Spring 2013

Isharya goes big, bold and bright for Spring, reinterpreting its classic collections in fresh chromatic hues and free-spirited conversational pieces lusted after by trendsetters, daydreamers and bohemians chasing ‘la joie de vivre’. 

The Gem Rocks Claw collection presents playful patterns and prints inspired by the rich culture, wildlife and landscape of the African safari. Black and white jasper transforms into Zebra claw cocktail rings and pendant necklaces while African turquoise, rose jasper and mother of pearl take the shape of statement cuffs, stackable bangles, bib necklaces and geometric claw link earrings. 

The Gem Rocks Goddess collection features eccentric, eye-catching baubles fit for a Grecian goddess. Fashionistas reveal their inner Aphrodite with jagged-shaped jewels including the goddess power cuff, fringe chandelier earrings and stackable rings in an array of natural stones from green amazonite and blue lapis to golden pearl. 

The Modern Maharani Indian Summer collection plays off the heat of the summer solstice with electric colors and animal motifs. The fun-loving serpent wraparound cuff adds fervor to any ensemble from poolside bikini to party dress. Isharya revamps its classic vendome lily bangle with a palette fit for balmy Summertime temperatures, mix matching passionate pink flambé and electrifying neon green with the cooler, calming shade of aqua blue.

The Louvre Pyramid Luxe collection follows color suit, offering coral and turquoise-frosted resin 3-D pyramid pieces. The pyramid luxe flat cuff, louvre resin bangle and Lisa resin cuff are layering perfection, as they explore contrasting angles and beveled surfaces, resulting in edgy jewelry that is organically raw and playfully fun.

About IsharyaIsharya believes that women deserve to feel glamorous, no matter what time of day or occasion. Sister-in-laws Gauri and Radhika Tandon started designing jewelry as a hobby for friends and family, but quickly drew attention and requests from strangers who wanted to purchase their custom one-of-a-kind pieces. In 2007, the design duo took a bold leap forward with their dream of building a global fashion brand, launching their first jewelry collection and company Isharya. Inspired by India’s intricate and vibrant style, Isharya reinterprets the past with the future, mixing modern techniques with heirloom details to create beautifully bold and affordable statement pieces that are both provocative and sophisticated.

Isharya pieces have been worn by Hollywood’s most fashionable celebrities, including Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Lopez, Drew Barrymore and Eva Longoria while top fashion publications like Vogue, ELLE, Harper’s Bazaar and InStyle regularly feature the jewelry collections each season. Isharya is carried in many fine retailers around the world such as Henri Bendel, Stanley Korshak and Net-a-Porter.

Friday, March 8, 2013

#WINNERS - Goldsmiths' Craft & Design Council Awards

Goldsmiths' Craft & Design Council Awards were held this week, presented by renown jeweller Leo De Vroomen with Princess Michael of Kent in attendance.
Morgan Morey of Dexter Seal Engraving
The awards, held at the Goldsmiths' Hall in London, are an annual celebration of the UK's goldsmithing, silversmithing and costume jewellery talent.  

Silversmith Christopher Lawrence accepted his Lifetime Achievement Award saying, "It's wonderful. I still get as much of a thrill out of a blank sheet of paper on my drawing board and a big sheet of silver on my bench as I did nearly 60 years ago." This from a man who has won the Jaques Cartier award three times in his 60-year career. 

Mark Hampson of Hampson Fine Jewels
Princess Michael of Kent, patron of The Goldsmiths’ Craft and Design Council addressed the crowd, "I've done a bit of jewellery designing myself, and I've certainly done a lot of wearing of it, so I was very pleased to go around and see the designs. It's fascinating to see how technology has become involved in a trade that has always been about handmade.
"This is a wonderful way to celebrate craftsmanship and design in the United Kingdom. Support and encouragement is needed and I'm encouraged and heartened to see such a vibrant and eclectic collection of designers."
A complete list of the 2013 Winners follows.

Goldsmiths' Craft & Design Council Awards 2013: Full winners list
Zoe Harding
SILVERSMITHS - 2D DESIGNGold Award: James Dougall; Silver Award: Richard Gamester; Commended: Clive Bullivant
Gold Award: None; Silver Award: None; Commended: Grace Honeybul of UCA
Gold Award: Zoe Harding; Silver Award: Kyosun Jung of UCA; Commended: Richard Gamester and Sohret Urceli Smith
 Carol Docherty


Gold Award: Rebecca Howarth of Harriet Kelsall; Silver Award: Carol Docherty of North Glasgow College and Rhianne Hutchinson; Commended: Kathleen Lee and Roberta Hibberd of North Glasgow College and Karen Thomson of City of Glasgow
FINE JEWELLERY - 2D DESIGN, MARCIA LANYON SPECIAL AWARDGold Award: Mafalda Manteigas of UCA; Silver Award: Alma Geler of UCA and Siobhan Maher of Domino; Commended: Ivonna Poplanska of Goldsmiths' Institute and Auste Arlauskaite of Hamilton & Inches

Zoe Harding
Gold Award: Zoe Harding; Silver Award: Mark Hampson of Hampson Fine Jewels and Yuk Ching Wong of North Glasgow College; Commended: Anabela Chan of RCA
Gold Award: Mark Hampson of Hampson Fine Jewels; Silver Award: Agnieszka Maksymiuk of BCUN and Tyra-Jane Ward; Commended: Zoe Goodall of Stephen Ottewill Silversmiths, Luke Rose of Luke Rose Jewellery and Liz Tyler
Joseph Jackson of BCU
Gold Award: Morgan Morey of Dexter Seal Engraving; Silver Award: Joseph Jackson of BCU, Luke Orford of Grant Macdonald and Richard Gamester; Commended: Siobhan Maher of Domino, Adam McLaren of UCA, Georgia Ayley of BCU and Paula Vieira
SILVERSMITHS - 3D FINISHED PIECESGold Award: Richard Gamester; Silver Award: Sarah Hooker of UCA and Elizabeth Peers; Commended: Lee Simmons
Gold Award: Adi Toch; Silver Award: Eunhyuk Choi of RCA and Kerry O'Connor; Commended: Chong Shi of RCA, Richard Gamester and Vicki Ambery-Smith
Julie Ann Bull of Brown & Newirth
PRODUCTION JEWELLERY IN FASHION & CONCEPTUAL JEWELLERY - 3D FINISHED PIECESGold Award: Julie Ann Bull of Brown & Newirth; Silver Award: None; Commended: Mireia Rossell
GALLERY JEWELLERY IN FASHION & CONCEPTUAL JEWELLERY - 3D FINISHED PIECESGold Award: Lynne MacLachlan; Silver Award: Lana Crabb; Commended: Scarlett Cohen French of Glasgow School of Art, Ami Pepper of BCU, Giedre Vadeike and Aaron James
SILVER JEWELLERY IN CONTEMPORARY JEWELLERY - 3D FINISHED PIECES, IJL SPECIAL AWARDGold Award: None; Silver Award: Anastasia Young and Irmgard Frauscher; Commended: Bridget Yallup and Ornella Iannuzzi
Victoria Freeman of Catherine Best
GOLD & PLATINUM JEWELLERY IN CONTEMPORARY JEWELLERY - 3D FINISHED PIECES, IJL SPECIAL AWARDGold Award: Natasha Bagnall of Domino; Silver Award: Beth Gilmour; Commended: Mark Hampson of Mark Hampson Fine Jewels and Elizaveta Gnatchenko
GIA AWARD - 3D FINISHED PIECESWinner: Victoria Freeman of Catherine Best
Lynne MacLachlan
TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION - 3D FINISHED PIECES, GOLDSMITHS' COMPANY ASSAY OFFICE SPECIAL AWARDGold Award: Lynne MacLachlan; Silver Award: Esteban Schunemann of Brunel University and Gill Galloway-Whitehead; Commended: Claire Macfarlane and Katharina Vones
JUIOR SILVERSMITHS - CRAFT, THE ARGEX SPECIAL AWARDGold Award: Sarah Hooker of UCA; Silver Award: David James Ramsay of Hamilton & Inches; Commended: Sarah Hooker of Bishopsland and Gemma Main of UCA
SENIOR SILVERSMITHS - CRAFT, THE ARGEX SPECIAL AWARDGold Award: None; Silver Award: Jenny Edge and James Butler; Commended: Lee Simmons and Zoe Watts
JUNIOR POLISHERS, JEWELLERS & SILVERSMITHS - CRAFTGold Award: None; Silver Award: None; Commended: George Woodall, Graff Diamonds
Wally Gilbert
SENIOR POLISHERS, JEWELLERS & SILVERSMITHS - CRAFTGold Award: None; Silver Award: None; Commended: Alan Cheyne

SENIOR CHASERS - CRAFTGold Award: Wally Gilbert; Silver Award: Panos Kircos of Hamilton & Inches; Commended: Elizabeth Peers
Robyn Allen of M.A. Griffin
SENIOR SMALLWORKERS & MODEL MAKER - CRAFTGold Award: Simon Coldicott of Theo Fennell; Silver Award: None; Commended: Vicky Ambery-SMith and Kerry O'Connor

MODELLERS - CRAFTGold Award: Robert Elderton; Silver Award: Naomi Nevill of UCA and Danuta Solowieji; Commended: Russell Lownsbrough and Robert Elderton
JUNIOR DIAMOND MOUNTERS - CRAFT, THE CATHERINE BEST AWARDGold Award: Jake Biggs of S.V.S Designs; Silver Award: Kimberley Torode of Catherine Best, Taylor Ansell of Cartier, Benjamin Pritchard of Emson Haig, and Barry Conn and Robyn Allen of M.A. Griffin; Commended: Benjamin Pritchard of Emson Haig and Niels Ranueimsaeter of RCA
SENIOR DIAMOND MOUNTERS - CRAFTGold Award: None; Silver Award: Peter Lindsey of Catherine Best; Commended: None
Kimberley Torode of Catherine Best
JUNIOR SETTERS - CRAFTGold Award: Kimberley Torode of Catherine Best; Silver Award: None; Commended: Lucy Ryalls of BCU
SENIOR SETTERS - CRAFTGold Award: None; Silver Award: None; Commended: Tony Lark and Warren Heathcote of A & W Setters
LAPIDARY & CARVING, ALL FORMS OF STONE CUTTING - CRAFTGold Award: Sanni Falkenberg; Silver Award: None; Commended: Roy Kemp
JUNIOR ENGRAVERS, DIE SINKERS & SEAL ENGRAVERS - CRAFT, Gold Award: James Handyside of R. H. Wilkins; Silver Award: None; Commended: Karen Wallace of Malcolm Appleby and Lucy Moseley of Holland and Holland
Phil Barnes
Gold Award: None; Silver Award: John Harrison and Phil Barnes; Commended: Malcolm Appleby
Gold Award: None; Silver Award: None; Commended: None
SENIOR ENAMELLERS & ENAMEL PAINTERS - CRAFT, Gold Award: None; Silver Award: Phil Barnes; Commended: Francis Clark, Paul Munn and Janine Greenberg
Katie Jamieson
Winners: Stasia Tereszczuk and Katie Jamieson
THE PAUL PODOLSKY AWARD - SPECIAL AWARDSWinner: Taylor Ansell of Cartier; The Main Contenders: Jake Biggs of S.V.S Designs and Kimberley Torode of Catherine Best
THE GOLD & SILVER WYRE DRWAWERS AWARD - SPECIAL AWARDSWinner: Helen London; The Main Contenders: Gill Galloway-Whitehead, Catherine Martin and Janice Zethraeus
Taylor Ansell of Cartier
Winner: University for the Creative Arts; Finalists: Glasgow College of Art, University for the Creative Arts, Birmingham City University and Royal College of Art
THE JUNIOR AWARD - MAJOR AWARDSWinner: Jake Biggs of S.V.S Designs; The Main Contenders: Mafalda Manteigas of UCA, Kimberley Torode of Catherine Best and George Woodall of Graff Diamonds
THE SENIOR AWARD - MAJOR AWARDSWinner: Simon Coldicott of Theo Fennell; The Main Contenders: James Dougal, Adi Toch and Phil Barnes
Helen London
Winner: Zoe Harding; The Main Contenders: James Dougall, Rebecca Howarth of Harriet Kelsall, Adi Toch and Robert Elderton
Winner: None; Finalists: Jake Biggs, Simon Coldicott and Robert Elderton
Winner: Christopher Lawrence

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Designer Spotlight on Jorge Adeler, Adeler Jewelers

IPDC 2012-13 Winner from Adeler
Well known for their pearl collection, Jorge Adeler, proprietor and master designer of Adeler Jewelers, unearths some of the seas most beautiful and majestic pearls and brings them to life through his one of kind designs. Jorge travels to far reaches of the world from the Philippines, Japan, China and the South Pacific to uncover the perfect pearl. His trips then influence his design and how the piece takes shape.

His involvement with discovering the pearls is intimate and detailed; his last trip to Flower Island in Palawan, Philippines he learned 360 interactions that are involved in the culturing pearl process; beginning with the birth of the oyster larva and fast forwarding six years to the extraction of the magical South Sea Pearl. His adventures to capture these pearls range from pearl diving for the Pinctada Maxima-the largest pearl bearing oyster in the world-to harvesting at modern pearl farms.

It's because of this dedication that Jorge continues to win awards for his designs. Winner at the International Pearl Design Competition he went home with The President's Trophy and The Brilliance Award and Orient Award. Two years running he won four second place and two third place competitions at the JCK Jewelers Choice Awards.

From Japanese Akoya to Tahitian Black and South Sea Pearls, Jorge encrusts them in 18 K gold with gemstone accents. Out of the oyster and onto the strand, one by one, two by two, each pearl begins to form into a piece of art joined together by diamonds and semi precious stones, just waiting to be claimed by its owner. Whether worn seductive and sultry or elegant and refined Jorge's pearls can take on any demeanor and style and offer something for any occasion.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

GIA's 4Cs App Now On Android In English & Simplified Chinese

Interactive Diamond Tool Now Available for Android
GIA announces 4Cs app for Android in English and Simplified Chinese

CARLSBAD, Calif. – Feb. 27, 2013 – Owners of Android phones and tablets like the Kindle Fire and Samsung Galaxy can now benefit from GIA’s (Gemological Institute of America) free interactive diamond app for consumers and retailers, available in both English and Simplified Chinese. The app engages consumers with interactive features, video content and information on the GIA-created 4Cs (Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat Weight) of diamond quality.

“Bringing objective information about gems and jewelry to people when and where they want it is central to GIA’s public-benefit mission,” said Kathryn Kimmel, GIA vice president and chief marketing officer. “The Android 4Cs app puts GIA’s 82 years of innovation and research right on the screens of the most widely used smart phones in the world.” 

Users can explore diamond color across the GIA D-to-Z Color Scale, see typical inclusions on the GIA Clarity Scale, and how cut can make a significant difference in the look of a diamond. The app also explains the GIA Diamond Grading Report, the recognized global credential for diamond quality.

The app provides direct access to GIA Report Check, a secure online database of GIA grading reports, and a new social feature in “My Diamond Wish List,” where users can email, tweet, or share on Facebook the diamonds they’ve saved in their personal wish list.

The free 4Cs app for Android is downloadable in English and Simplified Chinese

The GIA app is also available for iPhone and iPadA retailer version, designed for use at point of sale, is downloadable for free from GIA’s retailer support site www.retailer.gia.eduGIA’s award-winning peer-reviewed quarterly Gems & Gemology is available on the iPad.

About GIA
An independent nonprofit organization, GIA (Gemological Institute of America), established in 1931, is recognized as the world’s foremost authority in gemology. GIA invented the famous 4Cs of Color, Cut, Clarity and Carat Weight in the early 1950s and in 1953, created the International Diamond Grading System™ which, today, is recognized by virtually every professional jeweler in the world.

Through research, education, gemological laboratory services, and instrument development, the Institute is dedicated to ensuring the public trust in gems and jewelry by upholding the highest standards of integrity, academics, science, and professionalism. Visit

Future Of Design - Semi Finalists - The Bio's

From the recently announced Semi-Finalists of the Future of Design Business Incubator Contest...we wanted more about the Semi-Finalists!

About G&G Creations:

Design Partner Vahé Ghazarian

Vahé Ghazarian has been immersed in the world of jewelry since the age of 10 when, like his father before him, he began realizing his artistic gifts and calling as a jeweler. Having spent much of his childhood working at his family's jewelry store, Vahé learned the business of fine
jewelry. After school Vahé would travel to his father's store and over time he began to realize the hard work his father was impressing upon him fueled his artistic drive, leading him to identify his life's calling as a skilled artisan. Today, having spent decades as a jeweler, he combines his knowledge, artistic talent and appetite for luxury to produce fine jewelry. As a sculptor and painter, Vahé transforms precious metals into elaborate, one-of-a-kind and limited edition designs. He constantly challenges himself to create innovative jewelry masterpieces that have received national design awards. He designs with a keen eye not only for artistry, but also for style and comfort. Vahé's firm belief that jewelry is meant to be an extension of the body is a core theme in all G & G Creations designs.

Design Partner Esin Guler

Esin Guler grew up surrounded by art and creativity, and, not surprisingly, developed a sincere passion for jewelry at a young age. As her creativity progressed, she decided to pursue jewelry design as a career. After completing her training at Academie Istanbul, world-renowned jeweler Sevan Bicakci accepted her as his apprentice because he saw hunger, ambition and most importantly, talent in his new student. Following her apprenticeship with Sevan, Esin brought her creative mind, skillful hands, and dream to open her own business to America. Working diligently under the tutelage of Vahé Ghazarian, Esin honed her talents as she listened to unrefined design explanations by customers and designed her works which left her customers speechless. With the encouragement of her customers, Esin soon realized that there was a greater demand for her talent. She approached Vahé, who regards her as his top protégé, about working together more closely
and the pair decided to partner in March 2010 and form G & G Creations, Inc.

Visit their website to learn more about G&G Creations!

About Lisa Robin Jewelry

Lisa Adkinson, owner of Lisa Robin Jewelry, had a career as an interior designer and then business consultant before launching her jewelry brand. In her various pre-jewelry business roles she won many awards and accolades for her leadership and strategic thinking. So when she decided to launch Lisa Robin Jewelry, she brought a tremendous amount of business experience to the table. This experience, combined with her lifelong interest in design, has helped her launch her jewelry brand with early success. 

Learn more about Lisa Robin Jewelry at her website.

About Suneera Swarup

Suneera aspires to emanate her love and passion for art, architecture and history through her unique designs. Her background includes education in textile design, teaching textile and surface design to college-level art students in India, and a Masters Degree in Business. Her
experience working with private labels, both before and after opening her own retail store in Los Angeles in 2001 catalyzed her to launch her own label Meus Designs, which she recently changed to SUNEERA Fine Jewelry Designs. 

Visit Suneera's website here.

About Lisa Crowder

Lisa Crowder always knew she would be a designer. She received her BFA in Studio Art from the University of Texas at Austin and has been a full-time studio jeweler ever since. Lisa’s self-described ‘delicately industrial’ design ethos is very unique, and she has cultivated a strong base of customers and galleries who carry her work. 

Learn more about Lisa and her work at her website.

About Naomi Blumenthal Studio

Many designers refer to their work as organic, but Naomi’s design career actually began in horticulture – as a garden designer and florist. During her years of owning her own garden design company and working with noted interior designer Bunny Williams, Naomi also created porcelain sculpture that was sold through galleries and to collectors, and she was designing and making jewelry for herself. Her garden design clients – largely owners of estates – began to buy her jewelry for themselves, and Naomi quickly found her work on the red carpet. In 2008 she and her husband Ron – who has a background in high-end interiors and manufacturing – decided to concentrate full time on jewelry design and manufacturing. 

To learn more about Naomi Blumenthal's work visit her website here.

About Ila & I

Vikas Sodhani took an unusual route to jewelry design; after he finished his undergraduate work at MIT, he spent several years building and selling high-tech companies. After his experiences in the world of venture business, he moved to India and took an apprenticeship at Rosy Blue, where he trained in diamond sorting and buying. He was so inspired by his work there that he enrolled in a jewelry design program in Mumbai, then returned to the U.S. and started Ila & I with his sister, Ila Draksharam. 

Visit their website to learn more about them!

Future of Design Business Semi-Finalists Announced

Future of Design Business Incubator Contest 
Announces Semi-Finalists

The 2013 finalists were announced for the 2013 Future of Design Business incubator Contest this week by contest organizers Andrea Hill and Cindy Edelstein.

The Future of Design is an initiative that aims to promote and nurture emerging design talent in the fine jewelry industry and has, in it’s inaugural year helped boost the careers of six American designers including the 2012 winner, Bree Richey.

The 2013 Semi-Finalists are:
• Vahe Ghazarian and Esin Guler of G & G Creations
• Vikas Sodhani and Ila Draksharam of ila & i
• Lisa Crowder
• Lisa Adkinson of Lisa Robin Jewelry
• Naomi Blumenthal of Naomi Blumenthal Studio
• Suneera Swarup of Suneera Jewelry Design

...see the next post for a more detailed look at the Semi Finalists.

The three finalists will make a live presentation to a panel of judges in front of an audience at
the finale on March 12th at the MJSA Expo at the NY Hilton in NYC.

The winner will be chosen then after the presentations by the judging panel that includes Hill
and Edelstein and this year’s guest judges Hedda Schupak, Editor of the Centurion Newsletter
and Ann Arnold of Lieberfarb and Bruce Pucciarello of Novell Studio.

Unlike most competitions for designers, this one puts the business acumen of the designers on
an equal footing with design. Applicants have to supply information about their business plans
as well as submit examples of their design work.

The process is unique

In addition to other prizes, the semi-finalists win a mentoring meeting with one of the Future
of Design's Dream Team, six designers with a high profile in the industry. They are
Gurhan, Erica Courtney, Todd Reed, Penny Preville, Lisa Jenks and Robert Lee Morris.

“The contest has the competitive entrepreneurial feel of TV’s “Shark Tank” coupled with the
industry- nurturing of the fashion world’s CFDA/Vogue Fund,” says Edelstein. “We’ve mixed
together our own recipe by bringing together colleagues from every facet of our business.
Our judges bring expertise in entrepreneurship, manufacturing, marketing, salesmanship and

Our Dream Team offers hard- earned wisdom learned on the road to success. And our
sponsors provide critically-important industry exposure and credibility. Altogether, this puts the
equivalent of a lifetime of knowledge into the hands of a relative newcomer.”

The Future of Design online application started the entrants off with a rather indepth
questionnaire that gives the designers the chance to examine every corner of their business
and learn more about strategy and analysis. For many, the process of filling it out will likely be
educational and enlightening. Completing the form could greatly help them write a business
marketing plan, or a better one if they already have one.


Each judge will provide a key element to the stunning prize package: Andrea Hill and her team
of business analysts will offer counsel on strategic organizational, financial and technology
issues; Bruce Pucciarello will give manufacturing services and/or support while Ann Arnold will
offer financial advice; Cindy Edelstein will showcase the designer in her globalDESIGN show
and a suite of marketing tools and services from All five judges will
also serve as mentors to the winner.

"As I shared our vision for this contest,” commented Cindy Edelstein, “everyone I talked with
was eager to help. The team at MJSA immediately offered space for our event and editorial
support for the contest. Dan Kisch of INDESIGN was an early supporter and generously
offered our winner a three-month ad campaign in INDESIGN. Whitney Seilaff of the Nielsen
Jewelry Group offered online support via and Drew Lawsky offered a gratis booth in the JA Designer Showcase. Ron Saltiel of RSP Media immediately donated his photography and graphic design team to help our winner – the industry’s latest design’preneur -- create an exciting, effective ad campaign.”

The 2013 sponsor list also include: Platinum Guild (which will supply technical and
marketing support), Jewelers of America and the Jewelry Information Center which will give the winner publicity in their national media tours. The winning designer will also receive memberships in several industry organizations including the Contemporary Jewelry Design Group, Jewelers of America and the Jewelers Vigilance Committee which is offering a full Compliance Kit in addition to membership.

The application, rules and regulations for 2014 plus info on all the judges, the Dream Team
and the sponsors are available on


JRB is a niche marketing firm specializing in the designer sector of the jewelry industry. JRB produces globalDESIGN: showcase of exceptional jewelers;, an online marketing intelligence resource; and various seminars, trade show pavilions and special events. The company’s mission is to "help designers grow and prosper" using whatever means possible in its arsenal of communication tools.


Led by respected business leader and strategist Andrea Hill, StrategyWerx (formerly Hill Management Consulting) helps small business owners gain competitiveness. No business can afford to waste resources, but insufficient staff, lack of cash and poorly organized projects take a toll every day. StrategyWerx can analyze your business, uncover root problems and develop practical solutions, and then either implement them or transfer the knowledge so the company can do it on its own.

GIA Now Accepting Applications For Fall Scholarships

GIA (Gemological Institute of America) is now accepting scholarship applications for its Fall 2013 Gemology and Jewelry Manufacturing Arts programs, courses, and lab classes. Applications are available through April 30 on the Institute’s website.

Scholarship recipients are eligible to participate in laboratory classes in the U.S., international distance education eLearning courses, and the Institute’s campuses in Hong Kong, the Middle East and Taiwan. Additional scholarship details are availablehere.

A number of $1,500 awards for eLearning courses and $1,000 awards for U.S.-based lab classes are available. The scholarships, sponsored by private donors and the GIA endowment fund, supplement GIA’s wider scope of offerings.

The second GIA scholarship application period is June 15 through Oct. 31. For more information, call (760) 603-4131 or

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

E-Ring Trend - Double Halo!!

Halos - few of us are chaste enough to be able to claim one - but one Halo has caught on like a wildfire...the Diamond Halo Engagement Ring!

Well, if one Halo makes your diamond pop - what would happen with TWO!!!

Trending NOW!  Double Halo Engagement Rings...

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Weekend #VendorSpotlight - the Stars of EFFY Jewelry

Star light, star bright, in your EFFY Jewelry you're going to shine all night!

From twinkling stars in a glittering cosmos, to spiny skinned sea stars from Neptune's depths...EFFY has created collections of other worldly stars in an array of pendants, rings, earrings and bracelets that are sure to get noticed.

EFFY Jewelry has star-worthy pieces for everyone from dainty to bold...the fine jewelry brand has a plethora of celestial pieces ranging from elegant to decadent. 


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