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Monday, August 18, 2014

#DailyJewel - Venessa Arizaga’s #Shark Bite #Ring For #Arizaga!

Too much fun! I too late for Shark Week?

I just love Venessa's whimsical outlook - check out her take on the "arrow through the head" gag that Steve Martin made so popular!

"I like to think of each piece I create as a treasure and a good luck charm, something special to keep close to you to reflect upon good times and evoke your fondest memories"
— Venessa Arizaga

Venessa Arizaga’s love of jewelry grew from her passion for travel. Splitting her time between New York City and her father’s birthplace, the island of Puerto Rico, the contemporary jewelry designer draws inspiration from the duality of these cultures. While both locations are very different, Venessa loves the energy created in both settings; one bustling urban metropolis is balanced by the vitality of the ocean combined with the mellow comfort of the beach. With this lifestyle in mind, Venessa Arizaga has a distinct lens with which to steer her jewelry design. 


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