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Saturday, March 17, 2012

PLUKKA Loves - What Do You Love?

Enter to Win!!!

Sharp, modern black rhodium spike juxtaposed against curvaceous lines makes for the sexiest accessory. It matches everything from Chanel to camouflage. Consider it a bulletproof wardrobe staple from our "Razor Mittens" collection.

Whether your tastes run to the Architectural... Colorful Fantasies...or Casual Day Wear


PLUKKA has you covered!!!
What is PLUKKA?  How does it work?

What we make is what you want – literally

We don’t make a piece of jewelry unless enough people actually want to buy it. We keep this minimum as low as possible so that each design is virtually certain to be made. Just as important, not making products that no one wants means we never get stuck with inventory, drastically reducing our costs – and the prices paid by our customers.
When you check out, your credit card is blocked for the amount specified in your cart but not charged. We only charge your card once manufacture is confirmed and the final price calculated based on the total number of purchases made at the close of the event.

What is Plukka? from Plukka on Vimeo.

The more we sell, the less it costs
Everyone knows that manufacturing costs per unit go down as the number of units made increases. Plukka directly passes on those savings to our customers. If you look at our unique sliding scale calculator (patent pending), you will see that, as the number of committed purchasers increases, the price falls.
Join the fun at
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Mijou Jewelry On World Gold Council's Top Ten List

The World Gold Council announced today its picks for this year’s “Great Designers.” Among the 10 jewelry designers are Jeana Mushriqui and Magdi Mushriqui of Mijou Jewelry. The World Gold Council is based in the UK, with operations in India, the Far East, Europe and the United States.
Every year, the World Gold Council showcases a selection of 10 jewelry designers and goldsmiths from around the globe. According to the World Gold Council, “These are the talented artists and artisans, some avant-garde, some classical, who are pushing boundaries, challenging conventions, exploring the beauty and unique innate qualities of the noble metal, and bringing a new, dynamic dimension to the art of gold.”
“When I design in gold, I seek to shape its inherent natural beauty, indescribable and often hidden, into a work of art. Gold carries a glow and sense of joy, following the movement of the wearer.” Magdi Mushriqui states.
“Gold radiates warmth, authenticity and unpretentious glamour. Turning gold into a work of art is a reminder of how we can find and shape the best in ourselves,” Jeana Mushriqui adds.
To view the feature and for more information, click here.
Mijou strives to create handmade jewelry that reflects one’s inner beauty and simplicity. Behind each handmade jewelry design, there is a story how it was made, the love that was put into it, what causes it supports, and the love that the giver is expressing to the recipient.
A percentage of proceeds from all Mijou jewelry pieces sold go to changing the life of someone in difficult circumstances. These are not mere acts of charity, but acts that bring about beauty in its varying forms. Each piece of jewelry helps to beautify an ugly circumstance. Each piece is unique as the one who made it, the one who benefits from it, and the one who wears it.
Mijou Jewelry was established in 2009, and the father and daughter jewelry making team gained international recognition when awarded first place in the runway category by the World Gold Council in AuDITIONS Arabia. The premier gold jewelry design contest hailed as being the Oscars of the Middle East jewelry world, and over 1,000 designers participated with close to 10,000 designs. As a result, the top 30 designs were manufactured into actual jewelry pieces and modeled for an elite panel of judges comprising of some of the most accomplished and well-known jewelry and fashion experts. The final six winners were announced in an awards ceremony and received prizes, trophies and certificates of merit.
In 2011, Mijou launched its first ready to wear collection, Collection Solo, featuring organic contemporary designs in 18K white and yellow gold. Whether it’s Mijou’s vibrant ready-to-wear designs or delicate one-of-a-kind couture, the organic designs by the unique jewelry company have received wide recognition amongst nontraditional jewelry circles.
Last month, Mijou’s Cordis Pendant in 18K white gold was selected as one of the ‘Top 10 Valentine’s Gifts’ by the Jewelry Information Center. To view the feature and for more information, click here.
To view more information and to see current and past collections, please visit Mijou Jewelry. For retail opportunity inquiries, please contact sales at

Friday, March 16, 2012

March Madness from Jane Basch

In the past March Madness has refered to a single elimination U.S.A college basketball tournament, but this year there is some competition.  Fashionista's no longer have to stand on the side lines.  Jane Basch Designs is giving away one of 3 different prizes- Jane Basch Tank Top, Monogram Leather Bracelet, or Monogram earrings throughout March (and into April) for their own March Madness.  The contest, which Jane Basch Designs is running through their Website and Facebook, is a double random drawing with a minimum of 2 weekly prizes to a maximum of 2 daily prizes throughout the month of March (and into April). The winners will be announced on their Facebook Fanpage.  The drawing is only available to U.S. and Canadian residents, 18 years of age.  Void where prohibited by law.  

VirtualBasel: Final Impressions

Ed wraps up this little "Social Media" experiment - as it turns out we weren't the only ones covering this show long distance - nod to Anthony DeMarco (get well soon)!

Hello one last time from the BaselWorld ether. As I mentioned in my last post, we were barely scratching the surface and it was time to close. I’d like to offer a final tip of the hat to my friend and fellow jewelry junkie, Robyn Hawk for giving me the opportunity to experiment a little with covering the show virtually.

At first, I thought I’d try to give daily reports about watches and brands that caught my eye. Then I decided I needed to give an overview of the show for those who may not have known much about it. Then it became clear to me that I’d never be able to do anything justice.

I’d simply miss too much if I took that approach. Nearly 1900 exhibitors, six halls – most with two or three floors – totaling roughly 1.6 million square feet, over 3000 press representatives, over 100,000 visitors (including the Governator himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger).

Credit: Altman Gadi 

And what did we miss?

We missed Hublot’s $5M diamond-encrusted Big Bang.

A friend of mine who’s not into watches but knows I am, couldn’t imagine who would buy or wear such a watch. I responded, “Who knows? But if nothing else, it’s a great buzz piece for Hublot.” Indeed, I’ve been seeing this watch pop up all over the internet, in social media outlets as well as the online arms of the conventional media.

We missed the Bell & Ross WW1 Jump Hour series.


Ummm… a great look, but WW1? As in World War 1? I guess, if you understand that it takes some of its inspiration from the pocket watches of 100 years ago. Still…

And we haven’t even mentioned the dozens of other high profile brands, Breitling, Rolex,  IWC, Vacheron Constantin, Jaeger-LeCoultre (who’s been celebrating the 80th anniversary of the Reverso, the legendary Art Deco watch inspired by the needs of polo players), etc. etc.

I’m overwhelmed just thinking of all I couldn’t cover for you.

However, here’s a final impression of this year’s show...

Wait! Tools!? Did you see tools in that video? And cars? Race cars?

Yes, we were only able to scratch the surface of this terrific watch and jewelry – or jewellery – show. Maybe next year VirtualBasel will turn out to be BaselWorld Live!

A note for those interested in attending - next year’s show is happening a month later. April 25, 2013. The show does float around the spring calendar a bit, but I think the extra month before next year is so construction on the new halls has a chance to conclude.
Credit: BaselWorld

Maybe I’ll see you there!

A Little About Ed Estlow:
Guest watch geek – er… blogger Ed Estlow resides in the Northern Time Zone. A self-professed chrono-junkie, he writes compelling story-filled copy for his clients from wherever he happens to be. Contact him at, on Facebook (look for NorthernTimeZone), or check him out

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Virtual Basel: BaselWorld – On Social Media For Sure!

Ok - we're back with another installment from our favorite Watch Geek - Ed Estlow!

Hi again from VirtualBasel. Sorry I missed yesterday – nasty ol’ root canal ruined my day! But I’m back now, with no trouble but a sore jaw, so here goes!

One thing I did learn while leaning into the pain yesterday is that VirtualBasel is alive & well. Turns out the problem with covering BaselWorld via the web and social media isn’t whether a person can find stuff to write about. The problem is weeding through ALL there is out there!

At the risk of giving away my web-sifting secret, use #baselworld if you’re on Twitter. Updates flow regularly, and while some are just offering opinions, there are plenty of links too.

Here’s a sampling of Twi-pinion:

#BASELWORLD is way too big but we are done with the Hall 1 and Hall 5 :)

We'll have to wait till @couture_jeweler to see #beautiful #jewelry. #baselworld is more focused on #watches.

London #baselworld and now need a me my bed...

Without further ado, my #baselworld #top5

I want so many of the new #Omega watches being shown at #Baselworld it isn't even funny.

Now for a sampling of noted watches.

Several places across the web – private parties, bloggers, and trade magazines – are heralding the Patek Philippe white dial Nautilus. While I usually prefer a dark or black dial, this is a great, light casual/dress look.

Photo credit: The Prodigal Guide and Patek Philippe

Another showstopper is the OMEGA Seamaster Aqua Terra GMT. I’m a big fan of most things Omega (my personal daily wear watch is a 3570.50 Speedmaster), and ALL things Seamaster! The Aqua Terra GMT doesn’t disappoint. And hey! There’s that black dial!

Photo credit: Omega Watches

OK… what else can we find?

Why yes! @Suitopia pointed out to earlier in a retweet of “@mikegold90: Most daring piece at #baselworld 2012? This machine from @mb&f #amuk:”

Now that’s one whacky watch! It’s the MB&F Horological Machine No. 4 (HM4).

Photo via Luxuryes 

When I first saw the HM4, I was reminded of the pod-racer the young Anakin Skywalker drove in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. Indeed, MB&F created a one-off custom version containing a similar scenario – with a Panda bear of all things! If I remember right, the internals from the two sides, or pods, of this watch are interconnected. Much of the custom movement is housed – and visible through – a custom machined piece of sapphire shaped like a figure 8. For more on the watch, check the MB&F website

Gee… we’ve barely scratched the surface as I write this, and as @TorneauTimes said a few minutes ago on Twitter, “#BASELWORLD is close to wrapping up. What has everyone learned, enjoyed or is looking forward to the most?”

Tomorrow I’ll jot some of my conclusions about our little experiment. 

A Little About Ed Estlow:

Guest watch geek – er… blogger Ed Estlow resides in the Northern Time Zone. A self-professed chrono-junkie, he writes compelling story-filled copy for his clients from wherever he happens to be. Contact him at, on Facebook (look for NorthernTimeZone), or check him out

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Virtual Basel: Cesari & Rinaldi Bring the Gems

Today we are looking at the Gems & Jewels...through one dealer...Cesari & Rinaldi....

There are three distinct areas that make up this esteemed firm...first:


The cutting enterprise Frassineti was born in Forli in the late 70s. Over the years it has achieved an exceptional ability in cutting and shaping gemstones, thanks to the studied combination between traditional ability and the most advanced production techniques. The timely delivery, the latest generation machines, the high level of quality, the innovative design together the traditional mastery have made of it the main interlocutor of the major Italian and foreign brands. 

The Meregaglia is the first stone cutters of the city of Valenza. Founded in 1945 has flourished with the manifacturing facility of Valenza, becoming the qualified interlocutor for a lot of professionals and entrepreneurs in the gold sector. 

In the late eighties, with the third generation, it began collaboration with the C&R, led to in 2008 with the acquisition of Meregaglia by C&R. From this union, products quality and the C&R experience are also available to goldsmiths and jewelers workrooms, to satisfy the most articulare needs. 

The services offered are:
• Products quality guaranteed C&R.
• Delivery in 24 hours.
• The possibility to order even only one stone.
• A very vast assortment.
• Valuable service and availability. 

stefania fucci
Stefania Fucci rappresent a valid marriage between the modelling figure and the designer one who made it possible partnership with major operators in the fashion industry. 

Stefania further cares for a line of jewelry made of stone where the harmony and colour nuances are combined in precious and unusual compositions.  

CESARI & RINALDI  at BASELWORLD 2012   (08 - 15 March 2012)

Pad: Hall of Element 3.1
Booth: M31
Our sales manager will be glad to show you all the new items with the usual espertise and professionality.

It will be also presented the NEW STEFANIA FUCCI Jewellery collection for next season.

Stunning Platinum Designs at Baselworld

Baselworld 2012 was the scene for the 3rd Platinum Design Awards competition held by Platinum Guild International. Naturally white and highly durable, the most intricate of jewelry designs captured in unchanging platinum will retain their beauty for generations. The world’s greatest jewelry designers have always preferred working with platinum – as was evident in the wonderful platinum pieces entered into the Awards. 52 stunning platinum jewelry designs were displayed at the 26 participating manufacturer’s booths, and were judged by 50 international journalists visiting the show.

There were four platinum categories to enter: Men's jewelry, Bridal jewelry (most commercially appealing), Bridal jewelry (most innovative design) and Trends. Each journalist voted for the piece that, in their opinion, was the best in each category. The votes were counted and the winners were announced at a cocktail party held on Saturday evening and presented with their awards by James Courage, CEO of Platinum Guild International.

The winning pieces were: 

Bridal Jewelry (innovative design):
1st place to “French Kiss” by Philippe Tournaire
2nd place to “Ensemble” collection  by Matthia’s & Claire
3rd place to “Flow” by Domino

Bridal Jewelry (commercially appealing design):
1st place to “Ensemble” collection by Matthia’s & Claire
2nd place to “Corona” by Gerstner
3rd place to “Platinum tri-set” by Meister

1st place: to “Punti di Vista” by Bonato Milano 1960
2nd place: to “Platinum bangle” by Heinz Mayer
3rd place to “Vendetta Divina” by Gebrüder Schaffrath

Men's Jewelry:
1st place to “Kerouac” by Roberto Demeglio
2nd place to “Control” by TTF
3rd place to “Crocodile” by Paolo Piovan

Platinum Guild International
Platinum Guild International is funded by leading platinum producers and refiners. Founded in 1975, we have been providing sales support and training to all levels of the jewelry trade for almost 30 years. In addition to our headquarters in London, we have offices in each of the world's major jewelry markets - China, Germany, Italy, India, Japan and the USA. 

Monday, March 12, 2012

Virtual Basel: BaselWorld – Impressions of the Halls

Guest Post by Ed Estlow: Are you having fun yet?  Ed is back for day two at BaselWorld!!!  ...well Virtual Basel!

OK watch fans! I’m back for Day 2 of this virtual adventure through the horological halls of BaselWorld. Yesterday I promised I’d take a step back and try to give you an overall idea of the show.

BaselWorld is spread across six “halls,” or buildings set a few blocks from the east bank of the Rhine River in Basel. The halls are numbered 1 through 6, but they’re also named: the Hall of Dreams, the Hall of Visions, the Hall of Elements, the Hall of Sensations, the Hall of Inspirations, the… well, you get the idea.

These buildings are HUGE. Some are bigger than others, but they’re HUGE! And more interesting to me, they’re more or less permanently dedicated to BaselWorld. I have to believe other things happen there during the year, but this whole facility is purpose-built for watch and jewelry exhibitions.

I remember six years ago when I ventured into Hall 1 for the first time. This is the Hall of Dreams, the main hall where the BIG brands have their pavilions. There’s really no way to convey just how big these pavilions are. At a regular trade show, a booth might be as big as 20’ by 30’ – and that’s a big one.

At BaselWorld, the “booths,” or pavilions are perhaps 30’ or 40’ square (some easily two or three times that), and are typically two or three – count ‘em, 3 – stories high! Inside of Hall 1!

The first floor of most of these pavilions are generally open to the public. The second and third floors are offices and meeting rooms. Open to the public? Yes, BaselWorld is a public show. I was fascinated to see the occasional family milling around the place, sometimes pushing the stroller of an extremely young watch fan.

Here’s a short video to give you a sense of the place:

And here’s another video to give you a little better idea of what you might be up against if you accidentally pull your camera out of your pocket:

Now, somewhere in those videos you may have seen an escalator. Yep, several Halls have a second floor. Up there, some of the less-well-known brands and the up & comers have booths that are a little more sedate. Single-story, but still nice sized, and also fitted with private areas for client meetings.

Halls 2 and 3 are given over to jewelry, and I confess, I didn’t spend much time there (although my wife did). Halls 4 and 5 contain more watches, including some high-end boutique brands. Hall 6 is where many of the Asian brands – both watches and jewelry – call home.

Evolving in recent years is the BaselWorld Village – temporary restaurants and bars set up in the courtyard amongst the six halls. When we were there in 2006, this consisted of a single semi-permanent structure that housed a small café. You could get a sandwich and a beer or glass of wine, and you sat on the concrete side of the courtyard’s fountain pool while you ate.

Now…  well… restaurants and bars.

OK! That’s a brief overview of the venue. Tomorrow I’ll be following blogs and tweets – the REAL VirtualBasel, and getting back to individual timepieces that are jazzing folks (while dealing with a root canal, but that’s another story).

I’ll be trying to give you a sense of someone individually wandering the “Halls.”

Guest watch geek – er… blogger Ed Estlow resides in the Northern Time Zone. A self-professed chrono-junkie, he writes compelling story-filled copy for his clients from wherever he happens to be. Contact him at, on Facebook (look for NorthernTimeZone), or check him out at

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Virtual-Basel: BaselWorld through the Ether

GUEST POST:  OK - are you ready for a little fun?  follow the fabulous Ed Estlow (self avowed watch geek) as he takes you on a Virtual Tour of BaselWorld!  Ready?  lets go...

I’ve been lamenting the fact that I’m not in Basel, Switzerland for BaselWorld right now. BaselWorld of course, is the huge annual watch & jewelry show. My wife and I attended in 2006 and had a fabulous time. In fact, we left with hopes of attending every two or three years. Well, that didn’t work out.

Now you have to understand, I’m self-confessed watch geek. So for the last six years I’ve been frustrated and worse, taunted from afar. See, I’m on BaselWorld’s mailing list so I get updates and invitations every year. Just haven’t been able to pull the trigger.

Well lo and behold, last evening my friend and online co-conspirator Robyn Hawk offered me a chance to vent my pent-up frustrations in a positive way. Her premise? With social media, blogs, and online press releases, sitting at my computer might just be the next best thing to being there. So she asked me to sift through the ether and send her reports from Virtual-Basel.

Here goes… how about a little taste of Germany to start?

Glashütte Original, one of my favorite brands, is releasing at least seven new models. I don’t have enough room to cover all seven, but I do want to talk about the new PanoReserve. The uncluttered asymmetric dial on this gentleman’s dress beauty provides plenty of visual interest. There’s a standard two hand display with small seconds at six, sits to the left of center. A power reserve indication and panoramic (big) date to the right keep things in balance.

All this covers a manually wound 48 jewel, 42 hour power reserve in-house movement, contained in steel or rose gold, strapped down with genuine Louisiana alligator in either black or brown.

The stainless steel version with grey ruthenium dial caught my eye, but the watch is also available in stainless steel with silver dial, and rose gold with silver dial. Personally, I also think a version in rose gold and the grey dial would be a looker.

The next Glashütte entry is the Lady Serenade. Classic and feminine, with just enough diamonds to catch a lady’s eye, the Serenade offers a traditional dial with applied indices and decoration. The rose gold version features four symmetrically placed arcs of small diamonds set in thin lines of rose gold. This certainly kicks the looks up a notch from previous entries in the line.

The Lady Serenade is available in three versions of stainless steel, and an additional three versions of rose gold. You can add a diamond-set bezel to any of the six models.

The Serenade is strapped to your wrist via beige, brown, or tangerine (?!) Louisiana alligator or bronze satin to compliment the case materials and dial decoration.

Glashütte’s Manufacture Caliber 39-22 powers the Lady Serenade. The date resides at 6 o’clock, and the movement has a power reserve of 40 hours.

OK! How’m I doin’?

Unfortunately, we can’t cover every new watch this way and give you a sense of what’s going on. So stay tuned here for another report from VirtualBasel tomorrow, when we’ll backtrack a bit and try to give you an overall audio-visual sense of Hall 1.

A Little About Ed Estlow:

Guest watch geek – er… blogger Ed Estlow resides in the Northern Time Zone. A self-professed chrono-junkie, he writes compelling story-filled copy for his clients from wherever he happens to be. Contact him at, on Facebook (look for NorthernTimeZone), or check him out at



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