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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Antique Jewelry University

Introducing AJU – Antique Jewelry University

AJU is an on-line organization made up of scholars, educators, jewelry professionals and interested individuals from all over the world who share a passion for antique, estate and vintage jewels. Our goal is to make available to the public, and professionals alike, an ever expanding repository of information, useful and arcane, related to the subject of period jewelry.

In addition to generating a vast Wiki style encyclopedia of historical data, definitions, in depth articles and the like, AJU will also host two online forums: one for the general public to have their questions answered by experts, and a second one restricted to qualified members only for the exchange of information, ideas and industry gossip.

The site will also include book summaries and reviews (with direct links to the purchasing site of the author’s choice), a photo gallery/archive, an extensive bibliography to assist in scholarly research, and a calendar of jewelry related events – shows, exhibitions, lectures, conferences, etc.

AJU is being fully sponsored by, in response to an overwhelming amount of general queries we receive on our commercial website. It is literally impossible for us to answer each and every antique and estate jewelry related question: “Can you tell me how old my great-grandmother’s brooch is?”, “Where can I learn more about Arts & Crafts Jewelry?” etc. It came as a surprise to us that, despite the abundance of quality jewelry literature available, so little credible information can be found on the web, and certainly not in one place. Hence, AJU.

Join our faculty

If you share our passion and enthusiasm for vintage jewels and jewelry, we cordially invite you to become a charter member of our AJU ‘faculty’. Whether your interests are broad or specific, decorative or technical, historical or present-day, we are looking for contributing writers, bloggers, and advisors to join us in this new endeavor.

In addition to writing articles and blogs and participating in the forums, faculty members will be given editing privileges to AJU’s Wiki portion of the site to correct, update, add or suggest changes to certain articles. Contributors will have a choice between publishing an article ‘as written’ or to submit it for peer review by means of the Wiki program. Writers will also have the opportunity to share and publicize other complimentary information (books, publications, websites, organizations, etc.) appropriate to our mission.

Initially, AJU charter membership will be limited to professionals, credentialed individuals and published writers. However, submissions from newcomers, hobbyists and anyone unknown to us will be graciously received and reviewed case by case.

We hope to see you 'on campus'!

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