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Monday, June 18, 2012

Green Gem Foundation - This is What FAIRTrade Is About!

6.20 ct Tanzanian Chrome Tourmaline by David Dawson
Green Gem Foundation is a fledging organization composed of a group of artists and gemstone dealers making a grassroots effort and working cooperatively towards a common goal. 

The goal is defined as connecting the artists and dealers in gem producing countries with the consumer.

This sustainable model is the future of the gem trade. It is already happening.  Across Africa the values of sold stones in the West are now widely known — Internet access has provided a level playing field.

18k yellow gold, David Dawson's Chrome Tourmaline
of Tanzanian origin, unheated/untreated, 6.20 carats in
a frame of diamonds, .68 ctw - By 
Gordon Aatlo Designs   
The model of exporting raw materials then marking those materials up is changing, and will continue to change. At the consumer level it's the added ethical component that shows true sustainability — it is a message understood at the gut level.

The Green Gem approach is simple we are working to add value at the source. We are not concentrating on giving back programs, training, or any approach that does not support this increased added value. We are interested and will address a need if we see it, but our emphasis is to help to provide direct market access thus supporting infrastructure by bringing more cash into the country. Not through the hands of a few but through everyone's hands at all levels.  Cash provides sustainability — it comes without conditions, it arrives direct.

 Jean-Noel Soni's tribute to the Taylor-Burton
Diamond - in Kenyan Zircon
The gemstone market is huge.  We recognize that we represent one small sphere of influence.  The traditional flow of gems will continue for some time, but with increased market access this tradition will change.  

As we continue to organize as a company, moving forward, more and more people are stepping up.  Green Gem is currently a non-profit — and while we are working toward our charitable 501(c)3 status donations to us are not yet tax-deductible.  The organization is looking for committed individuals to bring unique talents to the table.  We are past the core planning stage and the work lies ahead.

Let us know how you would like to get involved, you can reach us through our website.

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Source:  The Green Gem Foundation Website

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