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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

#WordlessWednesday - Spotlight On Gordon Aatlo Designs Part Two - the Next Generation

In the spirit of #WordlessWednesday - these Vendor Spotlights will include only the basics - Caption and Contact Information...Enjoy!

Today our Spotlight is on Gordon Aatlo Designs - from Classic Designs (part one) to the Next Generation Designs (part two)! 

Gordon Aatlo Designs are available at:

Gordon Aatlo Designs
1217 San Carlos Avenue
San Carlos, California, USA 94070

Telephone:   650-593-7528  or  650-593-1135


Gordon Aatlo Designs - the Next Generation: is now a joint venture -  Kelly Allen was trained by Gordon and he adds his spin on the style of Gordon Aatlo - Gordon's son Thor who Gordon once described as "the best jeweler of us all" -  Jean Noel Soni, Gem Cutter Extraordinaire and as always the driving force and the soul of Gordon Aatlo's future...Christine Thoresen, Gordon's "Girl Friday", who has been by his side for years!
Kelly Allen working on one of our latest from Gordon Aatlo Designs
Pink Sapphires in the greatest color and matched in size.
We framed the sapphires in 14k gold and had the diamonds cut,
creating a frame around these beauties.

Handcrafted by the master jewelers at Gordon Aatlo Designs, this 38 carat gem is framed in gold.
The Platinum shoulders are matte finished. A great design for any gem in any size
Reticulated 18k Amethyst & Diamond PendantAmethyst is 2.05 carats with a bezel set Diamond .25 carats.
Recently completed, this one of a kind carving by master gemstone artist Steve Walters
 made the design easy. 
We framed the carving in 18k gold and added a Tsavorite Garnet at the top.
More one of a kind carvings from Steve are on the way to the studio in the next week.
Affordably priced, this is a good way to start a one of kind collection from a gemstone master. 
Fresh from the bench at Gordon Aatlo Designs!
Designed around the Custom cut Madera Citrine from Sherris Shanks, Gemscapes
with our client, incorporating her diamonds into a great new pendant!
Gordon Aatlo Designs was the first designer to use this new material coming from Nigeria.
It is flawless, colorless and a great alternative to diamond.
Stone by Jean Noel Soni, Top Notch Faceting and Gem Guru at Gordon Aatlo Designs
Our Nigerian Phenakite ring was featured in the latest Renee Newman book, "Rare Gemstones"

The future looks bright at Gordon Aatlo Designs!

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