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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Official Olympic Jeweler - Links of London

Well the Olympics are almost over --- have you wondered about Olympic Jewelry? well I have!  ...thanks to the Centurion newsletter, we have the scoop!

Links of London the Official Olympic Jeweler
London, United Kingdom—Renowned silver jewelry brand Links of London was appointed to create the official jewelry collection celebrating the London 2012 Olympics. 

The jeweler has developed a broad collection of Olympic-inspired merchandise, created in sterling silver and incorporating playful beads and charms.  

The Sweetie Bracelet, left, features charms representative of some of the Olympic sports, such as badminton, swimming, and a coach’s whistle.

While the Friendship bracelets symbolize the spirit of the international games...the star of this collection is Team GB - in the colors of the Union Jack and priced for everyone to own...add the charm for your favorite sport!  After all that is Links of London's claim to fame - the build your own Charm bracelet CRAZE!

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