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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Royal Asscher's Limited Edition Stars of Africa for Diamond Jubilee

Royal Asscher Designs a Special 
Limited Edition Stars for the Diamond Jubilee

If you find yourself in London looking for that perfect bauble to wear to an Olympic Celebration...stop by Harrod's and pick up one of the limited edition Stars of Africa pieces!

What do you get if you combine Royal Asscher and the Diamond Jubilee? A very special limited edition of the world famous Stars of Africa collection made in honor of her Majesty Queen Elizabeth’s II Diamond Jubilee.

Royal Asscher is very proud to present her limited ‘Diamond Jubilee Stars’. The Stars are
made in a very exclusive edition of 6 pieces and are part of the Stars of Africa collection:
jewelry that consists of floating diamonds. All 6 pieces have their own unique serial number
and certificate and are only available at Royal Asscher in Harrods, London.

The Diamond Jubilee Stars collection is made of 18kt rose gold. The ring contains 1.32crt
white, 0.40crt blue and 0.40crt fancy pink floating diamonds. Along with the beautiful ring
comes a 18kt rose gold pendant with 3.31crt white, 0.80crt blue and 0.80crt fancy pink
diamonds. The colours of the diamonds resemble the 3 colours of The Union Jack, the British
National Flag to give that extra exclusiveness. Coloured diamonds are extremely rare, not
even 2% of the total diamond rough is coloured.

Mike Asscher, Managing director; “The passion for fancy coloured diamonds is a long lasting
passion in the Asscher family. The Diamond Jubilee ring is one of the most spectacular rings
we have created in this collection. The blue and pink diamonds in combination with the white
diamonds show mother natures true mystery”.

The Royal Asscher Diamond Company and the British Monarchy have had a long lasting
relationship since 1908 when the Asscher brothers of Amsterdam cut the biggest diamond in
the world: the Cullinan. The Cullinan I (530crts) was mounted in the head of the Scepter with the Cross, the Cullinan II (317crts) was mounted in St. Edward's Crown. Both are part of the Royal Crown Jewels and on permanent display in the Tower of London.

This relationship between the two Royal Houses is still vibrant in 2012: the Diamond Jubilee
Year. On the fourth day of the National Diamond Jubilee Celebrations her Royal Majesty
Queen Elizabeth II wore the broche set with the Cullinan III & IV. In front of a worldwide
audience her Royal Majesty appeared on the balcony of Buckingham Palace.
In 2008, Royal Asscher launched a Sierra Leone focused charity project called ‘Stars of
Africa’. The project aims to improve infrastructure in diamond producing African nations by
creating funding for education and healthcare and to establish self-sufficiency programs. The
project is named after the largest diamond ever found, the 3105ct Star of Africa (Cullinan)
diamond, cut by the Asscher family in 1908. However, the Stars of Africa initiative aims to
highlight the fact that the true Star of Africa, its most precious resource, is her people.

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