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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Heather B. Moore Jewelry to Exhibit at Prestigious Centurion Show

Heather B. Moore, Inc., has been selected to attend Centurion, an invitation-only jewelry tradeshow held each year in Scottsdale, Arizona. What sets Centurion apart from other industry trade shows is that attendees are voted in by other top-end designers. Only the best of the best are invited; this year just nine new designers made the cut.
“The designers that exhibit at Centurion are the finest in the world; it’s an honor to be included,” said Heather Moore, company founder. “We’ve worked long and hard over the years to build sales tools for our personalized collection that equal the quality of our designs. We look forward to showcasing our work alongside such respected designers.”
Heather Moore jewelry is created using a freehand technique, where each character is individually hand stamped. The tooling is all made in-house in Moore’s studio in Cleveland, Ohio. This method makes each piece unique, and allows the customer to tell their own story using handwriting from a letter, their children’s drawings, and other images that are significant to the person’s life.
“We make an impression in the metal just like the story that you document has made an impression in your life,” says Moore.
About Heather B. Moore, Inc.
In 1994, Heather Moore introduced personalized jewelry to the luxury market, and has since won numerous awards for her work, including the JCK Rising Star Award, 2008 JA New York Iconic Coffee Cup Award, First Place in the Gold category at the 2010 Couture Design Award, the 2012 JCK Award for Personalized Jewelry Over $1,000, and the 2012 AGTA Award for Business/Day Wear. She combines her talent for storytelling with her passion for the arts to create a line that allows you to Cherish Who You Are(TM). Heather Moore Jewelry is located in Cleveland, Ohio, and all pieces are created there by hand using custom-milled stamps created in the company’s own steel shop. Heather Moore jewelry is available at fine jewelers across the US, Canada, UK, and Germany.
SOURCE Heather B. Moore, Inc.

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