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Friday, October 19, 2012

Gemewizard announces launch of GemePrice 3.0 with IDEX!

Gemewizard announces launch of GemePrice 3.0, 
a one-stop pricing station for diamonds 
and colored diamonds, gemstones and jewelry

 Following signing of strategic agreement between Gemewizard and IDEX Online, IDEX's real-time diamond pricing data is now part of the GemePrice 3.0 package

RAMAT GAN, ISRAEL: OCTOBER 11, 2012 - With the launch of GemePrice3.0™, the most comprehensive online pricing system for the diamond, gemstone and jewelry sectors, Gemewizard® and IDEX Online have announced the signing of a strategic agreement that will enable Gemewizard to use IDEX Online's diamond pricing data.

Tailor-made for industry professionals, this one stop pricing station allows for up-to-date pricing of diamonds, fancy-colored diamonds and colored gemstones. Furthermore, a new module enables jewelers and retailers to estimate the market prices of all of a jewelry item's separate components, including precious metals.

GemePrice 3.0 is the next generation of Gemewizard's groundbreaking GemePrice™ system, which uses the Gemewizard color analysis method. The prices listed by GemePrice are generated using algorithms developed by Gemewizard and IDEX Online, that analyze the prices of half a million diamonds with a total value of more than $4 billion, fancy colored diamonds worth more than $200 million, and more than $100 million of colored gemstones, being offered for sale at any particular time online.

Gemewizard further authenticates fancy-colored diamonds and colored gemstones through consultation with a panel of industry-renowned experts and by analysis of real-time commercial data obtained from transactions taking place on the Gemewizard trading platforms.

GemePrice 3.0 is simple to use and accessible from any computer or smartphone. "This is a tool that is being designed not only for the gem expert," said Menahem Sevdermish, Gemewizard's founder and president. "It is geared also for retail jewelers, who will be able to obtain an accurate and current price evaluation of a jewel anytime and anywhere around the globe in multiple languages and in local currencies."

"GemePrice 3.0 represents the collective credibility of two of the industry's most transparent pricing systems," said Abraham Stern, CEO of IDEX Online. "Both Gemewizard and IDEX Online systems are transparent, based on real asking prices from professional dealers from all over the world  in real time."

The price lists for diamonds are updated weekly while the colored diamonds and gemstones are updated monthly.

The annual subscription fee for GemePrice 3.0 has not increased with the introduction of the diamonds module and the Pricing Station feature. Current colored diamonds and gemstones subscribers of GemePrice will be able to upgrade to the comprehensive GemePrice 3.0 system at no additional charge. Subscribers currently using the gemstone-only package will be able to upgrade to the full package for an additional $60.

To read more about GemePrice 3.0, please visit 

About Gemewizard:
Gemewizard® is a pioneer in the development of digital color based systems, which provide solutions for professionals involved in the fancy color diamond, colored gemstones and jewelry industries, enabling the analysis, description, communication, pricing and trading of color in gems. The suite of products developed by Gemewizard® is based on the company's groundbreaking color communication technology called GemeSquare™, which has been endorsed by GIA® Education, and since 2006 has been incorporated into the GIA® curriculum.

About IDEX Online:
IDEX Online SA is a leading provider of trading services and content for the diamond industry. Anchored by the world's largest online diamond inventory, valued at over $4 billion with more than 3,000 buyer requests at any given time, IDEX Online SA includes objective wholesale pricing information, market trends, and up-to-date industry news and analysis. Founded in 2000 by experienced industry professionals, IDEX Online SA maintains offices in all major diamond centers worldwide, ensuring a secure, unbiased and user-friendly environment to meet the needs of thousands of traders anytime, anywhere.

SOURCE:  Gem-E-Wizard

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