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Sunday, November 4, 2012

2013 AGTA Spectrum Awards™ Winners By Category

2013 AGTA Spectrum Awards™ Winners By Category

Bridal Wear
Bridal Wear - 1st Place (left)
Robert Pelliccia, 
J.R. Dunn Jewelers 

Platinum ring featuring a 4.08 ct. pink Sapphire with half-moon Diamonds (.34 ctw.) and round Diamonds (.56ctw.).

Bridal Wear - 2nd Place
Bella Campbell, 

18K white gold earrings featuring royal blue Moonstones (13.00 ctw.) accented with Diamonds (2.00 ctw.).

Bridal Wear - 3rd Place
Giraux Fine Jewelry, 
Giraux Fine Jewelry 

18K white gold "Rain Drop" earrings featuring pink Spinels (4.29 ctw.) and accented with heart, marquise and cushion shaped Diamonds (1.55 ctw.).

Business/Day Wear
Business/Day Wear - 1st Place
Gregore Morin, 
Gregore Joailliers 

18K white gold earrings featuring pink Opal (8.6 ctw.) Japanese plum blossoms accented with black and white Diamonds (.87 ctw.).

Business/Day Wear - 2nd Place
Gregore Morin, 
Gregore Joailliers 

18K white gold and black ruthenium ring featuring an Opal accented with Diamonds (.09 ctw.) and spessartite Garnets (1.01 ctw.).

Business/Day Wear - 3rd Place
Gregore Morin, 
Gregore Joailliers 

18K white gold "Lady leaf" earrings featuring Jade leaf drops (53 ctw.) accented with Opal (5.5 ctw.), white Diamonds (.36 ctw.) and black Diamond ladybugs (.45 ctw.) .


Classical - 1st Place
James Currens, 
J.W. Currens, Inc. 

Platinum "Lava" ring featuring a 12.99 ct. Ruby cabochon accented with marquis-cut Diamonds (1.47 ctw.) and Diamond melee (7.40 ctw.).

Classical - 2nd Place
Gigi Vivian Fitzmorris, 
The Gigi Collection 

18K yellow gold and black rhodium bug pin featuring black Tahitian cultured Pearl accented with paraiba Tourmalines (6.00 ctw.), Diamonds (6.00 ctw.), blue Sapphires (3.51 ctw.) and tsavorite Garnets (.95 ctw.).

Classical - 3rd Place
Lilly Fitzgerald, 
Lilly Fitzgerald - Goldsmith 

22K yellow gold chain link necklace featuring suspended Labradorite cylinders.

Evening Wear

Evening Wear - 1st Place

Anil Maloo, 
Baggins, Inc. 

14K white gold earrings featuring 8.5mm Akoya Pearls, 9mm white South Sea Pearls, 10-11mm Tahitian Pearls and accented with Diamonds (2.42 ctw.).

Evening Wear - 2nd Place
Parul Kuki Seth, 
Parulina (Zaq, Inc.) 

18K yellow gold "Two Finger Glam" ring featuring three Emerald cabochons (19.62 ctw.) accented with round Emeralds (9.54 ctw.).

Evening Wear - 3rd Place
Frank Caballero, 
Frank Caballero 

18K white gold with black rhodium cocktail ring featuring a 47.28 ct. oval Peridot cabochon accented with Diamonds (3.26 ctw.).

Men's Wear

Men's Wear - 1st Place

Naomi Sarna, 
Naomi Sarna Designs 

Platinum cufflinks featuring baroque Pearls (21.06 ctw.) accented with multi-colored Sapphires.

Men's Wear - 2nd Place
Daniel Allen, 
C. Kirk Root Designs 

18K white gold ring featuring Alexandrites (1.45 ctw.).

Men's Wear - 3rd Place
Mark Schneider, 
Somewhere In The Rainbow 

Palladium cufflinks featuring pink rough-cut Diamonds accented with a 1.94 ct. and a 2.13 ct. flower-cut color-change Garnet and white Diamonds (3.13 ctw.).

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