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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Rubies Revealed at the 11th Annual Sinkankas Symposium

Rubies Revealed at the Sinkankas Symposium
Eleventh annual event held at GIA’s Carlsbad campus

Speakers and presenters at the Eleventh Annual Sinkankas Symposium. From L to R: Robert Weldon,
Gary Bowersox, Richard Hughes, Elise Skalwold, George Harlow, Nathan Renfro, Shane McClure,
Roger Merk, Jeanne Larson, Bill Larson and Jim Shigley. Image © GIA.
Keynote speaker Richard Hughes presents “Pigeon’s Blood: 
Burma’s Mogok Ruby Mines.” Image © GIA.

CARLSBAD, Calif.– Gem experts and  aficionados from around the globe gathered at Gemological Institute of America (GIA) Carlsbad, CA world headquarters on April 6 for an in-depth look at one of history’s most coveted gems: Ruby. The Eleventh Annual Sinkankas Symposium, co-hosted by the San Diego Mineral and Gem Society and GIA, kicked off with an introduction by organizer Roger Merk followed by a variety of esteemed speakers:

·         Dr. George Harlow, curator of Minerals and Gems at the American Museum of Natural History, on “Ruby from the Mogok Belt: Mineralogy and Geochemistry”
·         Dr. James Shigley, GIA distinguished research fellow, on “Ruby Geology and Localities”
·         Bill Larson, president of Pala International, Inc., on “Ruby Localities Shown in Brilliant Color”
·         Elise Skalwold, gemologist and author, on “Dr. Allen Bassett and the Ruby Mines of Nepal”
·         Gary Bowersox, explorer and gem enthusiast, on “Rubies of Afghanistan and Tajikistan”
·         Richard Hughes, explorer and gem expert, on “Pigeon’s Blood: Burma’s Mogok Ruby Mines”
·         Robert Weldon, GIA’s manager of photography and visual communications, on “Photographic Quest for Pigeon’s Blood Red ”
·         Nathan Renfro, GIA’s lead analytical specialist of colored stones, on “Faceting Ruby: The Implications for Optical Orientation on Color”
·         Shane McClure, GIA’s director of Identification Services, on “Enhancements to Rubies – both Natural and Synthetic”

Gary Bowersox and George Harlow. Image © GIA.

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