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Sunday, May 19, 2013

#JWLV - B9Creator New CAD/CAM Solution To Debut at JCK Las Vegas

B9Creator, a new CAD/CAM solution that enables jewelry designers to achieve detailed precision at a price well below comparable systems, will officially debut in Booth B6272 at the JCK Las Vegas show, May 31-June 3. According to its inventor, Michael Joyce, the B9Creator will enable both retail designers and jewelry manufactures to quickly build high-quality, easily castable models, providing faster production and a powerful sales tool for custom consultations.                    

A DLP-RP (Digital Light Processing-Rapid Prototyping) system, the B9Creator also has already generated excitement among potential users, generating pledges exceeding three quarters of a million dollars through the Kickstarter funding site. (Typically, only about 41% of Kickstarter projects reach their funding goal.) The B9Creator can build objects as large as belt buckles or as detailed as a tiny filigree ring, with precision typically possible only on machines costing three to five times as much. In addition, because DLP technology exposes an entire build layer at a time, total build times for most objects is normally between two to five times faster than other comparable technologies.                   

Another advantage of this system is that the output resin, unlike that of photopolymers in general, is proven to be directly castable when cured properly.                   

Resolution on the B9Creator is variable by build area. Resolutions in the x/y plane (horizontal) of 50, 75 or 100 microns are possible by adjustment of the projector’s position and focus. Resolutions in the z (vertical) build axis from 101.6 to 6.35 microns are possible via software selection. (The minimum z axis “step” size is 6.35 microns.) At the 100 micron x/y pixels setting, the build area is 102.4 mm (4.03″) x 76.8 mm (3.02″) x 206.4 mm (8.125″). At the 75 micron x/y pixels setting, the build area is 76.8 mm (3.02″) x 57.6 mm (2.27″) x 206.4 mm (8.125″). At the 50 micron x/y pixels setting, the build area is 51.2 mm (2.02″) x 38.4 mm (1.52″) x 206.4 mm (8.125″).                     

The B9Creator will be initially offered in two versions, as a kit which will require user assembly for US$2,990, and as an assembled machine including some consumables and extra parts for US$4,995.                   

And with these features, the B9Creator has proven to be the best answer to current jewelry industry needs. As one early adopter, Gary Swank of Gary Swank Jewelers in Portland, Oregon, noted, “I never expected to have this level of technology available to my jewelry design business at this price. It will bring our production and creativity to the next level.”     

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