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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

#JWLV - Colored Gems LUXURY Style! #Luxury2013

LUXURY is OPEN!!!  Running Tuesday through Thursday, THIS is the way to do this part of the show.  This invitation only run-up to the main event makes buying not only a calmer and more elegant buying event.  I would imagine that if you are spending on major Designers, you would LOVE the personal attention that these three days allow.  After all, it is one less area that you have to add to your busy weekend schedule.  

So, if this price point appeals to your customer, stop by and talk up some LUXURY designers...

First stop - the Elite Enclave...

I wanted this post to be about Colored Gemstones...Boy did I enter the right door!  Just inside the Elite Enclave (Booth LUXEE 7) at LUXURY - TAKAT!

If COLOR is your thing then TAKAT is a "don't miss" addition to your Exhibitor List.  Since 1955 TAKAT has been a major voice in the Colored Gemstone Industry with offices in all of the important Gem Mining Areas...they are able to work directly at the source.  

TAKAT, literally translates to "Powerful" and this company is a strong brand in the LUXURY market.

This Colombian Emerald is INSANE! 
everything you want - color, size and Jardin 
(translates to the Garden - refers to inclusions commonly found in emeralds). 

Sugarloaf Cut Tanzanite Anyone?

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