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Sunday, June 9, 2013

#JWLV - Couture - Favorites and Some New Discoveries! #Couture2013

The Couture Show this year was FABULOUS - and buzzing with energy and a true excitement to be there...

A few of my favorite things:

...lets start with off the charts gorgeous - hands down - Goshwara and FEI - these two companies are actually family - finding that out was all the explanation I needed for the amazing gems in Goshwara jewelry.

Then there are the fantastical creations of Sevan Bicakci, Lydia Courteille and Wendy Yue

Pearl fantasies - stunning baroques and rounds in sizes and shapes that were breathtaking from the classic Mikimoto, in snake settings from Utopia and floral parts from Paula Crevoshay 

While we are talking over the top - my favorite trend is  Victorian but with Bollywood dimension and color - it seems the Celebrities love it also!   

Favorites - Sutra Jewels and the new DOVES by Doron Paloma 

If you think you are done with the blackened metals - just wait until you see the amazing wedding rings from Michael John Jewelry and the classics from Sarah Graham...Oh! and Annie Fensterstock's Cuff Bracelet!

In LIVING Color - the simply elegant collections from Alberto Parada and Ivy NY....

Brumani's lush color can't be beat (I loved last seasons blush pinks) and  they have captured the heart of young Hollywood - they're wearing it - you will be soon

The realistic Nature themes of classics like K Brunini Jewels, Aaron Henry and the young designer Aida Bergsen...   

There was no shortage of Skull themes from realism to sugar skulls - Atelier Minyon - King Baby - Deakin & Francis and even in cameos from Amedeo

...not to be overlooked those brands that you wear day in and day out, that become YOUR statement piece...Heather Moore and Kabana

Last but definitely not least the Wedding Collections - so many unique new designs from Heather Moore and Pinar Oner Design Atelier.  But, my personal favorite was, without reservation, the Bamboo Wedding Set from Aaron Henry - who would love to be able to say their wedding set was crafted in the USA!

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