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Monday, August 5, 2013

Israel Diamond Exchange Overwhelmed Working To Streamline Import Procedures

I think by now we all know that International Diamond Week is coming up...but I really love the Save The Date video from the Israel Diamond Exchange...

Interest for International Diamond Week overwhelming,
organizers to accommodate more than 350 companies
IDE working with authorities to streamline diamond import procedures 

Ramat Gan, Israel - July 23, 2013: With the August edition of the US & International Diamond Week in Israel just a month away, the event organizers are gearing up to welcome and accommodate more than 350 representatives of diamond companies arriving to the event, and to facilitate the arrival of significant quantities of diamonds that will be traded during this unique, four-day-long diamond trading festival.

"The number of registrants to this summer's US & International Diamond Week continues to rise daily," Israel Diamond Exchange (IDE) president Yair Sahar noted. "At the same time, we are taking all the necessary steps and measures, not only to arrange for the smooth arrival of the participants, but also to assure that necessary import and export procedures of the goods that will be traded at this unique diamond trading festival will be seamless!"

Sahar reported that the IDE management had liaised with the office of the Diamond Controller (the director of the Diamonds, Precious Stones and Jewelry Division, Ministry of Economy) as well as the shipping, forwarding and logistics providers of the upcoming Diamond Week, requesting that they prepare themselves for the arrival of unusually large shipments of diamonds that will be offered for sale at the event.

"I asked the Diamond Controller, Schmuel Mordechai, to intervene personally and coordinate with his colleagues at customs, not only at Israel's borders, but also abroad, to ascertain that the diamonds arriving at our borders will be processed effectively," Sahar said. In his response, Mordechai noted that his office will offer all the assistance necessary to make the event a success. "This is an important marketing effort for the Israel diamond industry and we will do all we can to help make this a resounding success," the Diamond Controller stated.

Meanwhile, the efforts to accommodate buyers' delegations continue. In addition to a large delegation of American diamond buyers headed by Reuven Kaufman, president of the Diamond Dealers Club of New York, efforts are under way to receive additional accredited diamond buyers from the USA. In cooperation with the Israel Diamond Institute, a focused, global marketing campaign has already resulted in a substantial increase of applications from participants worldwide.

"The summer edition of the US & International Diamond Week in Israel is the continuation of the long-term marketing efforts undertaken by the Israel Diamond Exchange," Sahar noted. "By creating additional marketing tools for the members, the IDE board and management fulfill a crucial commitment to IDE members and to the Israeli diamond industry and trade at large: the strengthening of Israel as a world diamond manufacturing and trading center, and the creation of value-adding marketing tools for its members."

Go here to the dedicated US & International Diamond Week web site:

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