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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Precious Resources: A Revolutionary Gem Marketing Tool


Teofilo Otoni, Brazil 20th August 2013 – David Stanley Epstein of Brazil-based colored gemstone buying agency, Precious Resources, today announces the launch of an innovative sales tool aimed to help custom jewelers and designer-makers further differentiate themselves from the competition.

Consisting of an emailable video of between three and 15 minutes duration, the sales tool is designed to be shared with the friends and family of jewelers´ customers. The video will follow the order arriving at Precious Resources´ buying office in Brazil´s world famous Minas Gerais (meaning General Mines) state; including the search for the ideal rough gem material in Teofilo Otoni´s open air gem plaza or to the mine if necessary; through the cutting of the stone in Precious Resources´ ethical gem cutting workshop.

The finished gem is presented on a turntable with the size, weight, region – and when known – the mine. The jeweler´s and client´s names will feature prominently throughout; presenting the jeweler with a strong branding opportunity – and the customer a living testament to the occasion and the emotion behind the piece.

If desired the jeweler or goldsmith can add onto the video the production of the piece and its presentation to the customer.

“We´ve been buying in Brazil for over 30 years, so we´ve seen numerous changes in the needs of our diverse clients – and the expectations of their own customers.

As more and more jewelers seek to differentiate themselves from mass-marketers by offering custom design services on premises, we want to offer the opportunity to “romance their customers´ stones” as an additional differentiator that research suggests will help close more sales,” said Epstein today.

Submitted - August 19th by David Epstein

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