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Monday, October 7, 2013

3 DAYS LEFT - Sharing The Rough - Crowd Funding Opportunity!

How many times have you, as a Jeweler or Lapidary said that it would be so great if the consumers truly understood just how difficult and time consuming the process is of getting a piece of Jewelry from the Mine to the piece of Jewelry in your store...

"Sharing the Rough" is a documentary that aims to do just that!   ...and YOU can assure that it happens!!!!

The project will document the process of mining a gem - cutting a gem - designing a piece of jewelry to present that gem to the market - and the actual production of the piece of jewelry. 

YOUR Donation on their Indiegogo Funding Page is crucial to seeing this project happen...and you have several funding options with some really great PERKS!   

BUT - if you do nothing more than coming in at the $30 or $50 level - insuring that you will get a copy of this film when it is produced...PLEASE - do just THAT! 

Imagine the value! If you are  hosting a "Colored Gem Roundtable" at your Jewelry Store or Lapidary Club and could include a private viewing of this dramatic film documenting the journey of a gem to its final destination as a piece of jewelry.  Click thru the icon below

This is the story of "Sharing the Rough":

The world of colored gemstones is still dominated by individual miners and artisans; and each has a powerful and extremely unique story to tell. 

"Sharing the Rough" is an endeavor that will capture the realism and appreciation of this world.  We will follow it through the hands of the East African Miners who bring these treasures to the surface, to The Gemcutter who breathes life into the gems that make them radiate with brilliance, and finally to The Jewelry Designer who creates a unique, one-of-a-kind piece of art that will accentuate the beauty of the gem. 

Never before has a film documented this process from start to finish! Our story will be conveyed in both an educational and informational way, while also using a style of filming that will create a visual force that will be dramatic and stimulating.

From "The Miners" This will be the first film of its kind that documents the true story of the East African Miner, without self-interest, and how they make it possible for precious gemstones to be part of our lives.  The intention of this film with respect to the miner is to serve as a documented piece of history, and bring the world an understanding of their lives.

To Roger Dery, "The Gem Cutter":
We will document his real life experience as a world-renowned faceter. His ability to take a rough gemstone and see the final cut is that of a visionary that molds something rough into something beautiful. Our gifts of precious gems come from our Earth, but it's the human element that enables it to shine. 

Included in this section will also be the art of gem cutting in Roger’s studio, showing his precision, and how he literally breathes light into a gem.  His knowledge and expertise will serve as a true testament to the craft of gem cutting that will be both fantastic and entertaining.

...and finally, "The Jewelry Designer":
Here we will document the design techniques of Jorge Adeler, from the mental imagery to the actual creation of the piece of jewelry, and how Jorge finds the vision to create the perfect design for each gemstone individually. Whether his inspiration comes from those we meet in our travels, or from the inner glow of the gemstone itself, his artistry will be nothing short of amazing to capture on film as the final piece of the puzzle.

...and as if that is not enough..."Sharing the Rough" will serve not only as an educational piece, but also as a means of support, helping to enhance the lives of the people in East Africa.  They have partnered with The Devon Foundation, founded by Nancy Schuring of Devon Fine Jewelry in Wyckoff, New Jersey. 

Nancy began her support in Madagascar, where she helped fund scholarships for those less fortunate to attend lapidary training. This allowed them to have a career while also supporting the mining of the precious minerals in their country. She is now working in Arusha, Tanzania, and has already raised funds for four students to attend the Arusha Lapidary and Gemological School

From the Director and Screen Writer, Orin Mazzoni:

"In the spirit of true independent film, "Sharing the Rough" is meant to be a gift to the gemological community, from the miners and families in East Africa that work to bring these precious gems to the surface, to the final unique piece that is set into a stunning piece of jewelry. We will capture not only the hardships, but also the successes of the miners. We will be assisting in raising funds for lapidary schools such as scholarships, books, and equipment. This documentary will be a dramatic force for entertainment, while still serving as a means of education and awareness. 

With subtle humor and heartwarming heroism, this film will reveal a new perspective on the world of colored gemstones, and will truly make an impact around the globe."

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