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Sunday, October 27, 2013



In the retail environment, it is important to understand your product in order to be successful in sales, but is dually important to understand your consumer as well.  Extensive market research commissioned by Platinum Guild USA since 2010 has identified the attitudinal and behavioral patterns of the millennial consumer in the bridal jewelry market place.  Platinum Guild International USA is pleased to announce the launch of a new retail training module titled ‘Selling to the Millennial Consumer’ to help retailers convert loyal customers this bridal season.

This program, hosted on, is a comprehensive resource of platinum education designed to give retailers an edge in selling platinum.  The training includes testimonials from platinum sales experts about their own experiences and success tips, as well as how to best handle objections. The new module focuses on the millennial couple and their mindset when shopping for bridal jewelry. This knowledge is imperative for platinum salespeople to become fluent in, since the majority of bridal consumers fall into this category. 

“Retailer training is crucial in order for a salesperson to have the correct information to sell platinum,” says David Gardner of David Gardner’s Jewelers in College Station, TX.  “There is an increase in our platinum sales every time we have a training, whether in person or online, because our salespeople are armed with the knowledge of platinum’s attributes and the confidence to offer it as the ideal metal for bridal jewelry.  As a jeweler in a college town, we are especially thrilled to take advantage of the new online module that will provide a better understanding of the millennial as our customer.”  

In addition to increasing sales, becoming a platinum sales expert has another advantage; those who complete the new module will be entered for one in five chances to win $250.  This incentive runs through November 15th

More information about online training as well as other PGI trade support programs will be presented at PGI USA’s annual trade breakfasts, held on November 8th at Maloney & Porcelli in New York and on November 22nd at Patina in Los Angeles.  These breakfasts offer a chance for the platinum industry to learn about PGI’s innovative activities in marketing, public relations, education and sales support that continue to inspire platinum innovation.  Please RSVP to Jillian Moynihan at

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