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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

#WordlessWednesday - Spotlight On The Colors of Sillam

Designer Spotlight on Sillam The Sillam brand was founded in 1835 in Paris, and is headquartered today in Vienna, where designer Henri J. Sillam designs his artistic baubles. He is the 5th generation to be the Head Designer and CEO of the House of Sillam, following the footsteps of the master goldsmiths before him. The brand is synonymous with the art of “haute  joaillerie"  in its highest form.

With stores around the country, Sillam is a dynamic brand yet remains exclusive and somewhat mysterious. The usage of unique stones and an innate focus on quality, workmanship and beauty are just part of what allow the Sillam collection to exude the sensual elegance that it does.

The collection is a stunning rainbow of vivid hued gemstones and ornate, sparklers. Dive into the brand, and you will find classic jewelry alongside cheeky pieces, including animals, fruits and my personal favorite, a champagne cork ring!

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