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Monday, November 25, 2013

Penny Preville Premieres "Carry Beauty With You" Video Campaign

Fine Jewelry Designer, Penny Preville, 
Unveils First Multi-Media Ad Campaign 
with Print, Digital and Video Creative 

 New ad campaign includes first brand video 
titled "Carry Beauty With You"

This holiday season, fine jewelry  designer, Penny Preville will unveil a new multi-media advertising initiative, titled, “Carry Beauty With You” (#carrybeautywithyou). For the first time, this campaign will not only include traditional print and digital components, but will introduce the brand's first video. This foray into the video arena is an ambitious and unique endeavor in the jewelry category, and one that further enhances the brand's opportunity to tell a story while engaging the consumer on an emotional level. The video will introduce the brand to potential new customers while re-engaging those already loyal to the brand.

The centerpiece of this campaign - the short video - stands as a beautiful and poetic statement about adventure, timelessness, and natural beauty. Rather than seeing the traditional jewelry gift box, viewers will watch a young girl on a sprawling journey through beautiful landscapes.  The vision for this film was drawn from designer, Penny Preville's own design process, who often finds inspiration in the every day or while exploring other countries and cultures.  As such, this video is meant to celebrate and honor the creative spirit of Penny Preville’s work. By complementing the art of jewelry with the art of video, “Carry Beauty With You” reminds us to cherish life's little moments and promises to add a whole new dimension to Penny Preville's brand identity.

Like many luxury brands today, Penny Preville is preparing for the future of consumer marketing: video content.  Video is fast becoming the most powerful medium to reach consumers and invite them into the brand's culture.

Founder and head designer, Penny Preville shares, "Our first video truly underscores my vision for the brand.  Understated elegance combined with feminine beauty is the core of my design philosophy.  This video provides us a platform to showcase our jewelry in a simple and classic way, which to me, always signifies true elegance and grace."

"Carry Beauty With You" was produced and directed by 3rd Strand, a Brooklyn-based advertising agency.  It was shot in Oregon and stars Chloey Legg as the young girl, and fashion runway model, Sara Ziff, as the adult version of the girl. The corresponding print ads for "Carry Beauty With You" were shot by photographers Blair Getz Mezibov and Caitlin Beryl Warther. Both the video and print campaign will launch in November 2013.

Ziff, an American model has appeared in other ad campaigns and runway shows for Stella McCartney, Prada, Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs, and Balenciaga.   She is also a labor activist and founder of the Model Alliance, a nonprofit organization that aims to establish fair labor standards for models working in the American fashion industry.

To learn more about Penny Preville and to find your closest retailer, please visit  #carrybeautywithyou

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