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Thursday, December 12, 2013

#DailyJewel - Ladden Ledbetter's Southwest Engraving

From Pro Bull Rider to Engraver - I love the tooled leather look of Ladden Ledbetter's work...what a perfect Southwestern take on the traditional wedding set...for more

Born and raised in Midland, Texas, Ladden spent most of his time wrapped up in the rodeo world as a professional bull rider. He became interested in silver work by spending time in Terry Starnes’ workshop. After being encouraged by Brody Bolton (3B Leather work), I attended Johnny Weyert’s School of Engraving for Beginners in February 2009. Following the class, Laddan continued to pursue as many learning tools as possible and began making contacts within the world of engraving. During that time, Laddan was allowed the opportunity to learn from many amazing engravers such as Stewart Williamson, Wilson Capron, Russell Yates, and Mike Pardue, who have all made, and continue to make a huge impact in his work.

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