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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

2014 - The Year of the Male Green Wood HORSE!

The Chinese New Year is swiftly approaching, this year the 4711th Chinese New Year is on January 31st, the Year of the Horse starts on February 4th.

To be specific - it is the Year of the Green Wood Horse!  The Chinese calendar connecting the 12 Animal sign Branches to the 7 Stem signs - the yin and yang along with the 5 Earth Elements.

What does that mean?

Horse is one of Chinese favorite animals. Horse provides people quick transportation before automobiles, so people can quickly reach their destinations. Horse even can help people to win the battle. Therefore Horse is a symbol of traveling, competition and victory. That's why Horse is connected to speedy success in China

2014 is the year of  WoodHorse Year  Male Wood Horse. Horse mainly contains Fire. Therefore, the Wood and Fire are the key factors to determine people's fortune in 2014.

Wood can help Fire to burn. So Fire of 2014 is quite strong. Fire could melt the Metal. Metal is afraid of Fire. If your Lucky Element is Metal, then you might encounter some unexpected troubles and you need to handle alone without help in 2014. Fire and Water are opposite elements, If your Lucky Element is Water, then your luck won't be better than 2013, Water Snake year. If your Lucky Element is Fire, then the fortune is coming toward you. You need to prepare for it and don't miss the golden opportunity in the Green Horse year.

Horse is a speedy animal. When something good or bad happens, it will come very quickly. It's same to the love relationship. Horse is a Romantic Star to many people. If you are single, you can increase your social activities. Horse will keep you busy and help you to find a great friendship. If you are in love, then it's good time to build deeper relationship.

Spring is the season of Wood. If your Lucky Element is Wood, then you will do well in the beginning of the Horse Year. Wood will help Fire to bring up the heat. Summer is the season of Fire. If Fire is your Lucky Element. summer will be your best months of the year. You can ride on the horseback and head for your goal. You will see you destination and enjoy your result in the fall. If your Lucky Element is Metal, then we have to wait for the heat of Fire cooling down to see your luck, If Lucky Element is Water, then you have to wait till the Winter time when the temperature turns cold.

Interested?  find your animal sign and see what the year of the Horse means to you!

The complete Chinese Five Element Astrology is at Chinese Astrology 2014 for The Year of Green Horse.The complete 12 Chinese Animal Signs Prediction is at 2014 Chinese Zodiacs for Year of Horse
Another easier way to find your own Chinese Five Element Astrology is at Predict your Personal 2014 Chinese Horoscopes

Info from my favorite Chinese Astrology website:

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