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Monday, April 14, 2014

Busy, Happy Buyers and Sellers ay IDE's U.S. and International Diamond Week

US & International Diamond Week: 
Industry leaders praise IDE's branding efforts

"There are 401 buyers on the floor!" This announcement came through the public announcement system at noontime on the third day of the U.S. and International Diamond Week in Israel, throughout the four buildings of the Israel Diamond Exchange  (IDE) complex in Ramat Gan.  Traffic on the IDE trading floor was very dense and every table  sellers and buyers were hard at work.   

"It is a fantastic event, and I usually refrain from speaking in superlatives," IDE president Shmuel Schnitzer said. "There is a great mood on the trading floor, and this represents the optimism we generally feel in the diamond and jewelry business worldwide. We have hundreds of buyers on the floor who have arrived from all corners from the world, and this is very encouraging. The U.S. and International Diamond Week in Israel is a most important effort to brand our exchange in particular and the Israeli diamond industry and trade at large," he added.

Roberto Coin, the renowned Italian jewelry designer, manufacturer and retailer, said he was impressed with the IDE's effort to brand Israeli's diamond trade. At the conclusion of the Diamond Week's first day, he gave the event's participants a fascinating talk on branding. He summarized his address in a taped interview which is featured below.

Reuven Kaufman, president of the Diamond Dealers Club of New York emphasized - also in a taped interview - the importance of the close cooperation between the IDE and the DDC. "Our bourses and the respective memberships complement each other and together create great business opportunities that are win-win scenarios and add significant value, to the members of both our exchanges. The format of the U.S. and International Diamond Week in Israel is proving itself once again to be very beneficial for the international diamond business," Kaufman said.   

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