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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Robert Procop Exceptional Jewels - The Emerald Collection

Have you had the opportunity to view the traveling exhibition from Robert Procop Exceptional Jewels?  ...he has put together a collection of never before seen emeralds - booked at several top US retailers. 

Why share this collection now? 

"The unique qualities in each of these emeralds, their intense green colors, remarkable shapes, and sizes, all contribute to my passion for these stones. The rarities in each are a wonder. 

We have faceted some of the finest emeralds from different parts of the world with a few noted rarities that have not yet been seen. The jeweler or private collector will truly be able appreciate the beauty, treasure and value of each stone. 

Therefore, due to these emeralds exceptional individual allurement, this traveling exhibit was created." - Robert Procop

Grab your traveling companions and follow the Yellow Brick Road to...

The Emerald City - A rare and unique 39.01ct natural formation from the mines of Colombia with vivid and intense green hexagonal prisms. Dr. A. Peretti, of the Gem Research Laboratory in Switzerland, personally noted in the certification:“This emerald crystal rough is arranged in an aggregate of a series of prisms that resemble the skyline of skyscrapers in megacities." Thus, this rough crystal has been named ‘The Emerald City’.

The African Kryptonite - One of the rarest emerald specimens found in the world, this 100ct natural form crystal emerald is certified by Dr. A. Peretti as being 106.53cts and having the exceptional quality of containing no oil. The emerald is Nigerian in origin and suspended in a striking kryptonite capsule pendant with 25.33ct tw of round diamonds sculpted around this rare gem.

Tour stops are at a few high end jewelers - and there will be several pieces from the Robert Procop Exceptional Gems Collection included in the exhibition.

The tour has already begun but there are still a couple opportunities to see the collection:

♦  2-3 May 2014: Charles Schwartz & Son, Washington, D.C.
♦  8-10 May 2014: Donoho's, The Woodlands, Texas.

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