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Saturday, May 16, 2015

#DesignerPreview #JWLV Andreoli Brings Old World Designs To a Modern World! #JCKLV #EliteEnclave

The history of the Andreoli brand travels as far back as Mughal India and legendary diamond mines...well, I'll let them tell you the story.... 

I was talking to the lovely Caroline about the LUXURY and JCK Shows and she agreed to give us some great show previews!   Enjoy!

Is it just me or is Emerald making a come back in a HUGE way!   ...Andreoli knows Emerald!!!

Colombian Emeralds and Diamonds - what more could you ask for?

Emerald and Diamond Drop Earrings = 0.89ct of Oval Diamonds, 0.80ct of Round Diamonds,
 of Emeralds, in 18KT White Gold
Certified Emerald and Diamond Earrings 2.92ct Round Diamonds,
Side Diamonds, 27.37 Emeralds, in 18KT White Gold
Certified Colombian Old Mine Emerald Ring, 3.70ct Diamonds, 6.47 Emerald, in Platinum
Emerald Drop Necklace 4.28ct Diamonds, 28.60ct Emerald,in 18KT White Gold

...but they aren't limited to Emerald - they do a great job of finding that happy place right on the border line between old world craftsmanship and modern lifestyles.

Carved Ruby Earrings 2.28ct Diamonds, 47.74ct of Rubies, in 18KT White Gold
Heart Shaped Burmese Ruby and Diamond Earrings

 Sapphire Earrings  1.15ct Diamonds, 10.15ct Sapphires, in 18KT White Gold;   Emerald Earrings  1.15ct Diamonds 8.30ct Emeralds, in18KT Rose Gold; Ruby Earrings 1.15ct Diamonds, 9.95ct of Rubies, in18KT Yellow Gold
Blue Topaz Necklace 3.95ct of Diamonds, 89.93ct of Blue Topaz, in 18KT White Gold
Blue Cabochon Sapphire Necklace 22.18ct Diamonds, 85.04ct of Sapphires, in 18KT White Gold; Blue Cabochon Sapphire Earrings 2.63ct Diamonds, 17.04ct Sapphires, in 18KT White Gold
 Certified Tanzanite Ring 2.68ct of Diamonds, 58.65ct Sugar Loaf Cut Tanzanite, in Platinum

Visit Andreoli in the Elite Enclave at the LUXURY show or later at the JCK show.
Andreoli USA

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