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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

#DesignerSpotlight Mattioli to Basel and Back... “Les Epoques” #DailyJewel

“Les Epoques” Capsule Collection 
A Journey Through the Twenties, Forties and Sixties

Licia Mattioli expresses her love of culture and art by revisiting the past and bringing to life the capsule collection Les Epoques: three rings in the style respectively of the twenties, the forties and the sixties.  A ceaseless progression, a natural evolution of the journey between art and time typical of the world of Mattioli and its collections. 
For Les Epoques,  Designer, Licia Mattioli developed tangible entities to express of her love of art and culture. Representative of three design-driven decades, the 20's, 40's and 60's, the capsule collection includes a ring indicative of the style of each period.  For example, the Puzzle range and its glimpse of Mondrian’s colour blocks, or the Nuvole models that evoked the unforgettable canvases of René Magritte. But also in the enameled forms of Lips, an homage to Mae West’s famous mouth, immortalized by Salvador Dalì, and the ring Arcimboldo: a trait d' union between past genius and contemporary vitality.  

The capsule collection of three rings, Les Epoques, begins with the twenties swirls of a disquieting Art Nouveau style, springing from an intricate frame of pink gold, with a boldly opulent aquamarine perfectly symbolizing a period dedicated to naturalism and Rococò entanglements.

Then comes the rational minimalism of a linear gold setting, which highlights the burning embers of a Rhodolite Garnet igniting with pure voluptuousness belying the severe style of the forties architecture.   

Finally, the spirit of new times and the colorful fun of the sixties, in a continual chase of vitamin shapes and hues. Precisely the years that, on the last ring by Mattioli, return to the soft confectionery shade of a Morganite set in shiny enamels, coordinated in the sweet tints of cotton candy, pale blueberries and lilac, in a triumph of vitality in pop tones.  


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