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Thursday, May 28, 2015

#JWLV Our First Walk Through Luxury #LuxuryByJCK

Quick walk through LUXURY by JCK - this is the first of several trips through this curated wonderland of over 200 luxury vendors...

LUXURY by JCK is made up of 220+ fine jewelry brands that are carefully curated for this invitation only event. From rows of the most dazzling diamonds in every color range to some of the rarest colored gems sitting next to modern high style pieces - there is a smattering of everything at Luxury by JCK.

First up Jack Kelege  LUX300 - if you can get up to the booth to see their goods - it is worth the wait - busy - but really beautiful goods - I am particularly excited to see that the long neck lines  are still trending!

Getana & Co. stopped me in my tracks with their gorgeous opal display right at the door to LUXURY  LUX100

The NEW from Supreme  LUX611 is a touch of old world glamour from fine engraved detailing to flirty earrings that sway with your movement...

A&D Gem Co/Davani LUX335 - what can I say - just one gorgeous piece after another - this from a company with roots in the Gem game - that is now ready to Brand as a Jewelry Design firm....(I will be doing a complete write up on Davani later)

I lost my heart when I saw this stunner from Tresor LUX701 - it is just a small part of a Tourmaline Suite...

Sylvie Collection LUX101 - has made such a huge mark on the Wedding market - rings for women designed by a woman - makes so much sense! ...and her latest vintage styling WOW!

...and for me - the show stopper Vianna Brasil  LUX1000! With lines that put you everywhere from the Mountains to the Beaches of Brazil - this line is a MUST SEE!  (expect a more detailed write up at a later date).

Next AGTA - and then more LUXURY!

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