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Monday, May 18, 2015

#JWLV Previewing the NEW for #Couture2015

Some of the most unique Brands and Designers show at the Couture Show 
during Jewelry Week in Las Vegas.

We are very excited and privileged to present just a few of them here... 

Find The Couture Show  At:

Couture | May 28 - June 1, 2015 | Wynn Las Vegas

First Up The Rose Cut Diamonds of SETHI COUTURE

Grace Rose Cut Diamond Necklaces in three beautiful and versatile colors.
The COUTURE show is fast approaching and they're busy designing and prepping new pieces for the show.  Here's a sneak peek at their newest rose cut diamond creations!

Next Up The Mixed Metal Mastery of Sara Graham

Her natural surroundings are a source of constant inspiration for designer 
Sarah GrahamSarah's prolific collection of jewelry is organic, textural and subtly feminine, yet substantial. The above pendant is from her new Oak Leaf collection and was inspired by Sarah's childhood home in Northern California, where she had a beautiful old oak tree in her front yard. The artist has fond memories of the leaves, and in particular the way they looked on the pavement and wrapped around stones after a heavy rain. Crafted in 18 karat yellow gold and oxidized silver, this piece is accented with white faceted diamonds.

Salon 102

Lito Reveals The History and Lore of the Mythical Scarab 

Greek designer Lito Karakostanoglu creates pieces with a seductive, modern allure, inspired by travels and couture fashion. Her extensive background in sculpture and technical drawing are evident in each of her avant-guard creations, which are reputed for being instant collectables. The above Scarab brooch is made from a Malaysian Enoplotrupes Sharpi beetle, embellished with diamonds and set in 18 karat rose gold. The entire Scarabees De Beaute collection revolves around the mythical properties of the sacred scarab and its innate beauty.

Villa 212

The Sensual Edge of Nikos Koulis

Greek-based designer Nikos Koulis brings his sharp outlook and authentic passion for jewelry to every piece he creates in his prolific collection. With a long-standing reputation for driving trends, Nikos' jewelry contains both a sensuality and an edginess that is immediately recognizable. The above pendant is comprised of blue, black and white diamonds set in black rhodium. While crafted in metal and stones, the spaces left open in the piece give it an appearance of movement and fluidity.

Salon 420

Then Mizuki Shows Us The Purity, Vitality and Fluidity That Is Her Namesake

Born in Tokyo, Japan, designer Mizuki moved to New York when she was 10 years old. Her jewelry represents the artist's own sophisticated style combined with a feminine yet bold edginess, and it is the embodiment of the collision of the two cultures she claims as her own. Named by her grandmother to represent purity, vitality and fluidity in life, Mizuki not only embraces these qualities in her personal character, but they are the main components in her collection. The aboveSquare Rings are crafted in 18 karat yellow gold featuring diamonds, and are perfect either worn alone or stacked for a bolder look. 

Salon 603

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