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Monday, October 19, 2015

#GalleryOpening The Gallery at Reinstein|Ross Honors The Gem Visions of Robert Bentley!

The Gallery at Reinstein & Ross Invites you to the opening of their new show...Robert Bentley Gems! 
"Robert Bentley: By Nature" -- Opens October 22nd (with an Artist Reception 6-8pm) and continues through November 22nd. The exhibition will feature approximately 60 examples of Bentley’s gemstones as well as a smaller collection of Bentley’s work, as incorporated into finished jewelry by the Reinstein|Ross workshops. Truly an artist, Bentley works to allow the unique and natural character of the stones to exhibit themselves to the world."

This is my opinion but I am sure you will agree...whether it is his "Plate" cuts or basic cabochons (is there anything "basic" about a Robert Bentley Gem)...there is no one doing what Robert Bentley does.

Plate Cut Beads
From the more formal shaped plate cut beads to the frenzy of the thinner front to back drilled plates.

Hex Faceted Tubes 
These – especially in Tourmaline and Aquamarine – are my favorites. They look like raw tourmaline and aquamarine crystals that are shaped, faceted (in long facets following the tube shape) and polished. They also offer this shape with hexagonal facets.

Faceted Beads
These are some of the most dynamic beads – big beads with large free-form facets that, when used in a necklace would send light to the face.

Hammered Beads
Huge gemmy chunks of gemstone with a rough hammered finish – yet still clear, clean and polished!


...and hammered Chalcopyrite!

Crystal clear round lentil shaped beads of some of the gemmiest (is that a word?) material. This is the grade of gem that usually gets sent to the faceters for use in individual cut stones.

RARE – this isn't just rare stones, but stones that are rarely cut into beads! ...strands of watermelon tourmaline...

...and then there are the beads that honor the inclusions!

"Robert Bentley began his love affair with gemstones while accompanying his grandfather to rock hound meetings in the 1950’s. He graduated from Pratt Institute in 1972 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in painting. While he continued to paint and sculpt (he still does today), his fascination with gemstones took precedence and The Robert Bentley Company showroom was opened in New York City in 1994.

For nearly twenty years, The Robert Bentley Company has been working with an international community of talented stone cutters to provide the fine art jeweler with better, gem-quality colored stones. The extensive inventory spans a broad spectrum, from fine facets and uniquely crafted cabochons to natural crystal structures, distinctive crystal surface pieces, fine beads, druseys, and an array of phenomenal inclusions. "

Downtown Store, Workshop and Gallery
30 Gansevoort Street
New York, NY 10014



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