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Monday, March 21, 2016

#WatchesToWatch Congratulations to Carl F. Bucherer On Their Beautiful Refreshed Brand Identity

From a Press Release

Carl F. Bucherer Unveils Refreshed Brand Identity 
in Celebratory Ceremony at Baselworld 2016

CFB-Basel2016-Unveiling-31916 photo 600px-cfb-unveil-basel2016_zpsctyqre6b.jpg

Basel, Switzerland (March 21, 2016) - Swiss watchmaker Carl F. Bucherer celebrated the strong roots of its origins and paid tribute to its past in a new brand presentation at Baselworld 2016, the most significant exhibition in the world for the watch industry. The traditional company from Lucerne chose this venue, considered the most important platform for the watchmaking sector, to unveil its refreshed brand identity and to shine light on its rich heritage. 

Visitors from all over the world joined Carl F. Bucherer in celebrating the official inauguration of the exhibition stand, which was draped completely in gold. The event began with dramatic music and a dance performance, capped by a dramatic, golden curtain unveiling which revealed the brand's refreshed logo and distinct, golden BASELWORLD exhibition space. Carl F. Bucherer CEO Sascha Moeri then emerged to address the crowd and present the brand's updated corporate identity and the launch of the new brand presentation.

“Carl F. Bucherer possesses an extraordinary heritage. We are continuing to develop ourselves by going back to our roots and reinterpreting them for the future,” explains Sascha Moeri, CEO of Carl F. Bucherer.

It all began with Carl Friedrich Bucherer himself, a visionary and bold entrepreneur. Back in 1888, his pioneering spirit and passion for craftsmanship provided the foundation for what Carl F. Bucherer has stood for ever since: a leading, independent Swiss watchmaker with international prestige. An authentic brand that is deeply rooted in the cosmopolitan city of Lucerne – the vibrant heart of Switzerland – both the origin and inspiration of the watch brand. This close connection together with the power of creativity and the uninhibited free spirit of its home forms part of the DNA of the Swiss luxury watchmaker and is passionately embodied through the brand’s savoir faire.

The new brand look is reminiscent of the precious heritage of Carl F. Bucherer and lends its golden radiance to the unique strengths of the brand. The gold is derived from the Baroqueinfluenced architecture that gives the home city of Lucerne its special character. A minimalist look that pays tribute to the strong roots of the Swiss watchmaker – in both a discreet and prominent manner.

The golden imagery reflects the pride in the heritage, as do the design of the display windows with the silhouette of Lucerne and the depiction of the cosmopolitan free spirit. The centerpiece of the almost 1,000 m2 large exhibition stand is the library and its visual presentation of the brand identity. The new movement CFB A2000 with peripheral rotor is presented as an exclusive – a design concept that Carl F. Bucherer was the first manufacturer to bring into serial production and which debuts in the worldwide innovation Manero Peripheral.  

The new brand presentation in “distinct gold” is an expression of luxury as Carl F. Bucherer understands it: Watch creations of the highest standard of workmanship that are known for the expert combination of passion and unmistakable style.   
About Carl F. Bucherer:
Since 1888 the name Carl F. Bucherer has been synonymous with quality, innovation, and passion. Founded in Lucerne, the Swiss family company became an internationally renowned brand with branches around the world – distinguished by the pioneering spirit of their founder and the cosmopolitan esprit of their heritage. The company is currently being managed by the third generation of the family, under Jörg G. Bucherer. The time indicators and movements of the independent watchmaker Carl F. Bucherer are developed and produced in the company’s own workshops in Switzerland. Milestones include the brand’s own movement series that are powered by exterior rotors – an innovation that Carl F. Bucherer was the first watchmaker to bring into production. Carl F. Bucherer expresses the highest standard of workmanship, unmistakable style and detailed sophistication in its exclusive watch creations. Visit for more information.

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