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Friday, June 3, 2016

#JWLV A Walk Through the #EliteEnclave - The Jewelry Store of the Future - TODAY! #Intervision

This may sound a little over the top but this room alone is worth the cost of getting to Las Vegas!

I am looking at a QR code that is, through my phone, giving me a complete description and 360 degree view of
Wendy Brandes' Tipsy Pink Elephant Ring from her Maneater Collection

Jewelers have notoriously been slow to adopt new tech - this room has some hands-on examples that you don't want to be late on!   There are daily conversations about the latest every afternoon - stop in for the schedule.

Holojem allows your customer to virtually try a ring on...

YES! it still has those over the top Brands and incredible Designs but you will be introduced to them in unique ways.

As if Bella Campbell's Campbellian Collection needed color help....but this was an interesting case treatment!
We will be back to see a more detailed display of Bella's gemmy goodness!
That being said lets look at some of the beauty!!!

Victoria T'se for VT'se

Graziela Kaufman for Graziela Gems

TAKAT - we will be back for more of this goodness!

Sasha Primak

Farah Khan's Amazing Collection

Wendy Brandes

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