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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Missing Journalist Finds Her Way Home.... Bead & Design Show and MORE!!! #aflyonthewall #thedailyjewel

Yes - I'm still here - Sorry for the weeks of Silence.

What have I been up to?   well,  Saturday I went the the Bead & Design Show in Costa Mesa, CA!

I tend to attend local shows about every other year because they tend to have the same vendors - this one was a surprise - I found some new things that I haven't seen before and some gorgeous cut gems.

A full report should be up on my AFlyOnTheWall Views & Reviews Blog....but here's a little teaser..

These "halo'd" beads seemed to be a huge trend and is an easy way to get the micro pave look....

I fell hard for those Chrysoprase strands

This woman's coin pearls are some of the cleanest and most lustrous I've seen in awhile. 

I need to find this vendor's name but this was extremely black labradorite - the vendor wasn't able to tell me
the source country, but the contrast is dramatic!

I LOVED this vendor - Joseph with The Good Medicine Shop - Moldavite, natural gems and some wonderful carvings

Carvings from The Good Medicine Shop....I WANT that two headed Dragon - they form a heart!!!

It seems we can't talk jewelry without talking tassels....Beads U Need had them!
This tassel (or bead) cap stopped me - very different from most I've seen .
It inspired me to try my hand at creating a hammered tassel cap...what do you think?

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