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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Gemology Online is an interactive gemmological resource dedicated to a better understanding of the relationship between man and gemstones! We explore not only themineralogical aspects of gemstones but also their lore and legend. Our main intent is to offer credible information. We will attempt to answer any questions relating to gems and jewelry that you may have.

Gemology Online Is:
  • Book Shop: this is a great selection of books that will assist the layman as well as the gemology student.

  • Gems 101: is an alphabetical listing of gems; their chemical, physical and optical properties, as well as treatments, and the stories and lore of the gem.

  • Gemology Online Forum: CLICK HERE to go directly to the Gemology Online FORUM ask your questions directly to gemology experts from around the world

Barbra Voltaire, F.G.G., G.G.Graduate Gemologist/Geologist
I have worked as a gemologist, fine jewelry designer and appraiser for the last 30 years. The more I learn scientifically about gemstones, the more I realize that the mesmerizing qualities that certain gems possess, can only be described as magic. Gemology, is more than the science of gemstones. It helps us understand the history of mankind. There is a close parallel between the talisman of ancient man and the jewelry of modern times. The concept of invoking and conjuring superhuman forces has been replaced by the belief that money can buy them. Precious stones remain talismans of power!

Graduate Gemologist; Diploma received from the Deutsche Gemmologische Gesselschaft in residence at Idar-Oberstein, Germany

Graduate Gemologist; Diploma received from the Gemological Institute of America in residence at Santa Monica

GIA Alumni and Board Member
National Association of Jewelry Appraisers, Member
Accredited Gemologists of America Accredited Senior Gemologist
The American Society of Jewelry Historians, Member

Info at the tip of your fingers - just take a minute and check out the Malachite page:

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