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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Style Expert, Michael O'Connor's Jewelry Trends for Emmy


Michael O’Connor Hosts Jewelry Style Event for Show Nominees and Presenters

Next week, Michael O’Connor, leading style expert and host of MovieStyle with Michael O’Connor on Reelz Channel, will host StyleLab’s jewelry event for Primetime Emmy Award nominees, presenters and stylists at a private venue in Los Angeles. O’Connor has curated a selection of one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces from world-renowned designers for celebrities to borrow for the red carpet. 

From multi-colored gemstone earrings to diamond cufflinks, O’Connor will accessorize Hollywood’s leading stars with the most exquisite, highest quality jewelry.

O’Connor sees an overall fascination with bold and glamorous accessories this year – many looks reminiscent of Hollywood’s heydays. As the Primetime Emmy Awards quickly approach, O’Connor offers the following trend predictions: 

Richly Multi-hued Gemstone EarringsExpect bold, multi-colored gemstone earrings, like Cleopatra would have coveted, to make a swinging splash on the red carpet. A stunning pair from Abellan New York includes over 24 carats of turquoise, ruby, rubellite, and emerald. The American Gem Trade Association (AGTA) showcases a pair of couture chandelier earrings from Jane Wullbrandt featuring aquamarine, morganite and yellow beryl with green tourmaline.

...and, who can resist designer Pamela Huizenga’s peridot and tourmaline linear drops?

Provocative and Stackable CuffsWhen they’re good – they’re very good, so why not show them off! Chunky cuff styles with large gemstones will be prevalent worn as an impactful solo, or in Mae West inspired stacks. Designers Bellarri, Just Jules, and Mark Lash craft both modern and vintage-inspired designs with intricate detailing and prove that too much of a good thing, can be wonderful!

King of the Forest Nature-inspired DesignsDesigners like Farah Khan take a cue from nature’s beauty with crafted “Lion” earrings with diamonds and Zambian emerald drops, and flower shaped jewelry with diamonds.

Not a cowardly piece, but certainly nothing to be afraid of.

Silver-Screen Black and White CombinationsInstead of the traditional black and white diamond look, these jewelry designs from Rina
Limor are made for HD and Technicolor, mixing black jade and onyx with moonstones or
diamonds for dramatic Hollywood style. Ideal for Julia Louis-Dreyfus. 

Deliciously Iconic Pearls
Not just for breakfast at the very famous jeweler, Cultured, Tahitian and South Sea pearls will offer elegant and timeless options on the red carpet with modern twists. A must for vintage lover Zooey Deschanel, these new pearl designs from Mastoloni will feature mega-drop earrings, and multiple line bracelets. AGTA’s cocktail ring by Baggins includes ten large, elongated Tahitian Keshi pearls set in a floral pattern that would make Holly Golightly proud.

Sexy Statement Necklaces with PendantsRight from the runways to the necklines of the hottest Hollywood stars like Sofia Vergara, collar necklaces are making a style statement and a dramatic comeback.

Jewelry by Gail offers a unique twist on this trend by adding a large cobalto calcite druzy drop pendant – perfectly drawing attention to the top of a strapless gown. 

The Glamorous Wife
Look out for cushion cabochon cut, pear-shaped richly hued tanzanite and diamond earrings from Takat. Julianna Margulies would look stunning in these earrings! With over 33 carats of tanzanite and priced at $80,000, these earrings will definitely draw attention to the lucky lady wearing them. 

Mad Men Meets Big Bang TheoryTraditional square cufflinks are taking a backseat to styles with interesting patterns in new and technically advanced contemporary metals. Designer Edward Mirell’s pieces include woven detailing, diamonds, and black titanium.

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