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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Histoire Naturelle - Sotheby's Paris!

The Auction Results are in for the Histoire Naturelle at Sotheby's Paris.

"Sotheby's Natural History sale on 2 October achieved €917,050. One of the top lots sold was A Rare and Complete Mammoth (Late Pleistocene, Siberia, Russia), that brought €240,750."

It is interesting to note that the sell through on these auctions isn't near as good as it is on their Art and Jewelry Auctions.

I wonder if that is due to the information about the goods in these auctions not getting to the right people or a down turn in the number of people following the fossils field?

Personally I choose to believe the former as I have noticed a keen interest in collecting and Jewelry made with Fossils of all kinds!

...with our little Wholly Mammoth friend above selling so briskly - I have to believe that a few museums are seeing funding.

There does seem to be a large following from the Interior Design field and items that are beautifully presented are definite winners! this "Coffret of Exotic Crabs" can testify!

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