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Saturday, October 6, 2012

MJSA conFab - Profit Lessons for Jewelry Designers

SERIOUSLY - if it is being presented by MJSA - it is always worth the time...and Members get some pretty great perks!  ;)

Only 9 Days Left until MJSA conFab--Have You Registered?

This is your chance to make a better living doing what you love! Thanks to some conFabulous presenters (see list at left), you'll get to the heart of what it takes to create a successful business:

Sit in as Andrea Hill leads Cindy Edelstein, Malak Atut, and Bree Richey on a freewheeling discussion about strategicplanning, marketing, branding, and other business topics in The Business of Design. After this session, you'll find that making a profit just got a whole lot easier.

* Watch as Arthur Skuratowicz and Gary Dawson address the crucial issues of pricing jewelry, game-show style, in The Price Is Right. Plus, as an added bonus, you'll receive theconFab Pricing Checklist--formulas, factors, and other considerations that you can apply when pricing your own work!

* Play along as Andrea Hill conducts From INventory to OUTventory: The Game, in which the winners will be able to better control their inventory and speed stock turns. The best part: Everyone who attends this session will be a winner.

* Listen as Lee Krombholz describes how you can Put the "Custom" in "Customer" and deliver personalized designs that not only meet but surpass customer expectations.

* See Gary Dawson and Eugene Brill critique some of the many websites submitted by fellow conFabbers, in their Websites That Work for You session. Discover what you can do to make your site more effective.

The Best Part--Every Day Can be a conFab Day, All Year Long

Thanks to our conFab Online Extras, which we'll keep adding  to all year long, you'll be able to continue the conFabIdeas and Passionexperience. The conFab ID and passcode you receive upon registering will enable you to view articles, interviews, web apps (such as our Inventory Analysis Aide), andeven videos of all the 2012 conFab sessions, whenever you want.

New Online Extra: The Designer as Entrepreneur

An interview with designer Bree Richey, winner of the 2012 Future of Design competition, on what it takes to get a jewelry design business to the next level. (You'll need to be a registered conFabber to access this article; if you're not, click here to register and receive your conFab login and passcode.)

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