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Saturday, March 2, 2013

2013 - The Year of the Snake This Chinese New Year!

Chinese New Year Day was February 10, 2013
The first day of 2013 Chinese Astrology Year is on February 4, 2013 

 2013 is Year of the Snake this year it fell on February 4, 2013.  

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An ancient people, the Chinese have long used their Astrological Animal Charts to predict Fortune in the New Year.  But, did you know that those charts go much farther than the 12 Animals representing the Months.  Chinese Astrology's Five Elements (Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth) theory helps to explain people's fortune in 2013 and can help us foresee their "Luck" in the Water Snake year.

According to the Chinese Five Element Astrology Calendar, 2013 is the Year of Water Snake . The color of Water in Five Elements system is related to Black. Therefore we can say 2013 is a Black Snake, Water Snake or Black Water Snake year.

"Chinese mythology refers to snakes as a little dragon. They said a dragon fell down from the sky and then became a snake. Therefore, Snakes have Dragon's body without scale and cannot fly. 

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Dragon is the 5th animal in the Chinese horoscope order sequence, Snake being the 6th animal. Dragon is the big brother of Snake.

Snake is ashamed to be crawling on it's belly on the ground, making Snake a calm, shy, cautious and low-key. A Snake won't attack its opponent, unless it's disturbed, so as long as we don't fool with Snake, we won't get bitten.

We shouldn't ignore the existence of Snake or underestimate snake's ambitious nature...Snake has the ability to swallow an animal bigger than its size. Snake is a no-limb animal with fork-like tongue, and the Chinese treat that spitting tongue as a sign of argument, when in all actuality Snake uses its tongue to smell. But in the Chinese zodiac, the Snake implies the potential trouble of libel, dispute or slander."

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Chinese Astrology is a Balance Theory of Five Elements. Each animal can be also has an Element that Represents of the Five Elements. Snake contains mainly Fire. It also contains some Metal and Earth. Snake is in the Fire group. 

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So if you take the Water of 2013 and the Fire of Snake you couple two opposite elements which predicts that most people will have a 2013 year of ups and downs, a mix of good and bad fortune.

Water Snake is Fire under Water. Snake is a calm, shy, cautious and low-key animal in Chinese Horoscope. Snake won't attack its opponent, unless it's disturbed or hungry. If Fire is not your compatible element...keep your distance from Fire in 2013.  You know the warning - if you fool with Fire, you may get burned.

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Water of 2013 represents your siblings, relatives or same generation friends. You will spend most of your time with them in 2013. Depending on your Water score, either your sibling or friend will provide you good advice whenever you need (if you own a company, your friends or business partners will help your business growing) OR siblings or friends might bring you trouble. In most cases, the trouble will connect with money and you may find yourself spending some money on them.

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The major element of Snake is Fire. Water can overcome the Fire. Fire connects to money or property,  making the major event of 2013 one regarding money, investments and financial issues. Water of 2013 and Fire of Snake are opposite elements. So money luck won't be consistent in 2013 for anyone. Depending on your circumstances, if you first have strong money income, then you might spend it later. On the flipside, if you have money loss first, then you will recover some of it later in the year of 2013.

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The Snake is the 6th animal in the Chinese horoscope order sequence. Six (6) is an even number, Chinese horoscope treats Snake as a Yin (female) animal. However, Snake contains Male Fire , Male Metal and Male Earth . The outside of Snake looks soft, but the inside is tough. 

Male Metal in the Snake is very special. Metal's mother element is Earth and Earth's mother element is Fire. Snake is a birth place of Male Metal. Male Metal will become mature when the Autumn comes. If there are Chicken and Cow in the birth chart, then Male Metal will become very active during the Fall season. Since Fire and Metal are opposite elements, people's fortune may start to change direction after Summer.

Snake is a no-limb animal with fork-like tongue. Although, Snake its tongue to smell, people don't like the spitting tongue which is associated with mouth action, possibly argumentation. Therefore, the Snake has the potential to hurt people relationship, especially, when Tiger and Monkey are around.

...are you interested in learning more about your personal Astrological Chart click here

Whether you by into any of this or not - one thing I KNOW!   SNAKES are a huge trend in jewelry and the "Year of the Snake" only gives us even more excuse to wear all the FABULOUS snake jewelry on the market!

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