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Friday, March 1, 2013

Royal Asscher Introduces Rebel Chique Man Made Diamond Collection

Royal Asscher introduces Rebel Chique Diamonds, 
a new luxury brand for jewelry with man-made diamonds.

No matter where you are in the world, diamonds are socially coveted as the ideal most precious and glamorous accessory and therefore diamonds are still a girl’s best friend. Not only society’s most recognized icon of eternal love, but also its most precious emblem for commemorating special moments. They are priceless because they are scarce. They are timeless because they are indestructible. They are not yet a fixture in the daily conversations taking place around fashion and fashionable accessories. Our new, high-end jewelry brand Rebel Chique aims to change that.


It’s all in the name. By rebelling against the notion that diamonds are once-in-a-lifetime heirlooms, the brand wants to tap into a mindset that embraces diamonds as high-end accessories that can change from season to season. Rebel Chique plans to achieve this by focusing on the inherent advantages that man-made diamonds have over natural ones: they can be cultivated in colors and sizes very rarely encountered in natural diamonds. In other words, they offer a more personalised diamond experience whilst being chemically, physically and aesthetically (optically) exactly the same as natural diamonds – they only differ in the place of origin, and ultimately: they are affordable compared to their natural encountered ones!

This opens a whole new world, the world of diamond jewelry as a unique fashion statement, or as Vogue stated on their Dutch website last week in their story on man-made diamonds; you can now buy “an affordable man-made diamond in exactly the same color as your Louis Vuitton dress.”

The wink of rebellion in Rebel Chique’s launch campaign says it all and leave little doubt as to what type of individual they are appealing to: fashionable and independent women who put a high premium on exclusivity and want to wear jewelry that makes a statement.

“Diamonds have traditionally been an expression of purity and beauty,” says Rebel Chique founder Mike Asscher, 6th generation diamantaire. “We want them to be also about confidence and independence.”

“We have grown up in an on-demand, made-to-order culture,” says Asscher. “We are a generation that wants to create our own icons. And because all our jewelry is hand-made by specialist goldsmiths as well, we can truly promise that all our rings, earrings and pendants are made-to-order.”

Finally, Rebel Chique’s industry-changing approach also extends to its unconventional distribution strategy, which is exclusively digital via its online store


Since the second world war man-made diamonds have been utilized in technology and machinery for their strength and precision (such as cutting tools and drills). In recent years they have found themselves at the centre of technological applications. In a few years ‘powered by diamond technology’ may very well be the new standard for everything from dental equipment to microprocessors.

Only in recent years, the color, cut, clarity and size of man-made diamonds have reached the standards for making high end jewelry. This has opened a whole new world for jewelry brands.

And there is more. Rebel Chique man-made diamonds will bring a crucial motivator to the fashion-conscious diamond consumer: colors. Unlike natural diamonds, where color is an expensive rarity, man-made diamonds can be cultivated under controlled conditions where colored diamonds can be crafted, making these fancy color diamonds suddenly affordable.

“One of the great misconceptions about man-made diamonds is that they are mass produced. But the production is much closer to craftsmanship,” says Mike Asscher. “Man-made diamond producers can influence and steer the process, but we can’t completely control it. Something magical still needs to happen, but by introducing science and trial and error into the calculation we can cultivate extremely rare and unique diamonds. Chemically, physically and aesthetically (optically) man-made diamonds are exactly the same as natural diamonds – they only have a different place of origin and price. “

Just like natural diamonds, all our diamonds are certified by independent institutes to guarantee quality and transparency and above all to avoid consumer misleading. On these certificates, the origin will be indicated not as country, but as man-made or laboratory grown.”

Royal Asscher - the company behind Rebel Chique and one of the world’s foremost authorities in the diamond industry - is the one of the first diamond companies to apply this innovation to gem-quality diamonds. “Royal Asscher stands for gemological excellence and the magnitude of history and has the expertise and exquisite tradition” says Rebel Chique founder Mike Asscher, 6th generation diamantaire.

“And Rebel Chique opens a new world for a next generation of diamond lovers, tapping into an entirely new mentality and experience.”

A jewel with a diamond in virtually every shape, size and color. A different diamond for every evening dress and weekend pump. Sounds familiar? Yes, it’s the story of every fashion accessory you’ve ever owned.

Founded in 1854, the Asscher family is an Amsterdam diamond dynasty that has been supplying gems to royal families and international celebrities for nearly 160 years. The ‘Royal’ prefix dates back to 1980, bestowed by the then-Dutch Queen Juliana, in recognition of the company’s status and reputation in the diamond industry.

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