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Thursday, November 7, 2013

AJDC's 25 Years of Design at Forbes Galleries

American Jewelry Design Council Celebrates 
25 Years of Design at Forbes Galleries

On Thursday evening, October 24th, jewelry artists, art lovers and jewelry enthusiasts turned out to celebrate the opening of, “Variations on a Theme: 25 Years of Design from the AJDC” at the prestigious Forbes Galleries. The bejeweled exhibition will dazzle museum visitors with one-of-a-kind works from over 40 American Jewelry Design Council artists through February 22nd, 2014.

Fourteen of the forty-one participating jewelry artists attended the opening, pictured below.

Top Row: Michael Bondanza, Paul Robilotti, Michael Good
Middle: George Sawyer, Diana Vincent, Whitney Boin, Jane Bohan, Mark Schneider, Jose HessBottom: Barbara Heinrich (AJDC President), Linda MacNeil, William Schraft, Anthony Lent, Sandy Baker

The annual AJDC themed design projects on display include Mona Lisa (1995), Cube (1996), Wheel (1997),Key (1998), Puzzle (1999), Water (2000), Flight (2001), Peekaboo (2002), Fold (2003), Sphere (2004),Pyramid (2005), Secret Treasure (2006), Spiral (2007), Tension (2008), Explosion (2009), Tear (2010), Black & White (2011), Ice (2012), and Wave (2013)

Pictured above, selections from design themes “Water” (left) and “Black & White” (right)

Guests were in awe of the beauty of the exhibition and the talent of the exhibiting artists. Below, Marylouise Sirignano Lugosch (left), Executive Director of the AJDC admires exhibiting artist Sandy Baker’s necklace.

“It was a magical night celebrating all of the hard work and innovation of the forty-one participating designers”, Linda MacNeil, exhibition chair, said of the opening night. She continues, “The creative energy in the room was electric, and it is a true privilege to work with such inspired and accomplished artists.”

Linda MacNeil (left) and Barbara Heinrich, AJDC President (right)

AJDC jewelry artists Michael Good, Sandy Baker, and Whitney Boin Whitney Boin. (Left to right)

Sponsors of the AJDC Forbes exhibition include:

About the AJDC
Formed in 1988 by a group of American designers, The American Jewelry Design Council is a non-profit educational corporation, which recognizes and promotes the appreciation of original jewelry design as art. Up until this time, much of the industry still felt that only European designers knew how to design original jewelry. Although American designers had not followed the same schooling and classic apprenticeship as the European tradition demanded, many were self-taught creating brilliant, original designs that went unrecognized. Founding members include: Whitney Boin, Michael Bondanza, Henry Dunay, Michael Good, Ron Hartgrove, Jose Hess, Cornelis Hollander, and Pascal Lacroix.

Artists exhibiting in “Variations on a Theme: 
25 Years of Design from the AJDC” include:

Sandy Baker                                                            Steven Kretchmer

Jane Bohan                                                                      Pascal Lacroix

Whitney Boin                                                                  Anthony Lent

Michael Bondanza                                                          Linda MacNeil

Petra Class                                                                   Gregore’ Morin

Jaclyn Davidson                                                 Jennifer Rabe Morin

Falcher Fusager                                                              Adam Neeley

Geoffrey Giles                                                            Mark Patterson

Cornelia Goldsmith                                                           Kent Raible

Michael Good                                                                      Todd Reed

Sarah Graham                                                                 Alan Revere

Alishan Halebian                                                           Paul Robilotti

Ron Hartgrove                                                                Susan Sadler

Barbara Heinrich                                                        George Sawyer

Susan Helmich                                                           Mark Schneider

Jose Hess                                                                     William Schraft
Cornelis Hollander                                                                Tina Segal

John Iversen                                                                  Diana Vincent

Scott Keating                                                                  Takashi Wada

Christo Kiffer                                                         Barbara Westwood

                         Paul Klecka

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