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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

#WordlessWednesday - Colors of Gold for the Holidays...

In the spirit of WordlessWednesday I am presenting a quick look at several options that would give you something new for the holidays from manufacturing jewelers.  Contact info is provided for each item.

Theme - The Colors of Metals

Style: BR327:
Tri-Color Basket weave bracelet by Frederic Duclos features an intricate construction that looks oh, so rich. 18kt yellow plating ruthenium plating and sterling combine perfectly in this creative wrist wear.
For information, please call us at 866-898-3636. Or email us at

Embrace Rings; Wide or Thin with ‘Aspen’ or ‘Savannah’ Finish
Aaron Henry,

Yael Designs' Lyra Collection knock Rose Gold Out of the Park - with winning, wearable designs!

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